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Office Technology Assistant

30-106-1 Technical Diploma (less than one-year)
Campus: Ashland, New Richmond, Rice Lake, Superior, Online

Technology. Procedures. Multi-task.

The Office Technology Assistant diploma prepares students for employment in entry level positions, such as customer service representative, file clerk, receptionist or office assistant. Students will be knowledgeable in various computer applications necessary to work in today’s business environment. Graduates of this diploma will also be skilled in a variety of general office procedures and bookkeeping. This diploma is offered with a career ladder approach and can be used to advance into the Office Support Specialist and Administrative Professional programs.

Career Pathway Options

Career Pathways connect progressive levels of coursework to allow students to build upon their education. Each step in the pathway connects with employment options and provides the opportunity for advancement to higher levels. Office Technology Assistant is a pathway option in the following program:

How to Apply

Complete the online application or contact Student Services. When completing an online application, select the Office Technology Assistant program from the program of choice dropdown list.

Program Outcomes

Future employers will expect Office Technology Assistant graduates to be able to:

Program Costs

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