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Office Support Specialist

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What Graduates are Saying

Kelly Carlson, WITC Office Support Specialist Graduate

My diploma from the Office Support Specialist program at WITC gave me the edge in finding a great job as an Office Manager at Coldwell Banker Emmert Realty. I had worked in an office for more than 10 years and returned to school after losing my job to company downsizing. I received training on people skills and communicating plus learned the latest software packages from teachers with previous on-the-job experience. WITC was flexible in scheduling and was a great choice for me

Kelly Carlson, Office Manager, Coldwell Banker Emmert Realty
WITC Graduate



Julie, WITC Office Support Specialist GraduateI am presently working in the Human Resource Department at Northland College providing support to the Director of Human Resources and the Board of Trustees.   I am one of the first smiling faces new employees see since I do their initial orientation, outlines their benefits, as well as enroll them as an employee.  I find myself wearing many different hats.  I am presently enrolled at Northland College with a 12-credit load this semester.  I am nearing completion of my Bachelor's Degree in the Business Management and Leadership programs. Many of my credits from WITC transferred to Northland College and those that did not transfer directly were later transferred as technical (elective) credits. 

Human Resources
WITC Graduate

Denise Tarasweicz, WITC Office Support Specialist Graduate

My training at WITC has given me the opportunity to work as a Recording Clerk for the Register of Deeds Office.  Since I am working part-time, I have decided to return to WITC to get my Associate Degree in the Administrative Assistant program. 

Denise Tarasewicz, Recording Clerk, Bayfield County Court House
WITC Graduate


Lori Hebert, WITC Office Support Specialist Graduate
“As the Admissions/Marketing Coordinator at Ashland Health and Rehabilitation Center I work closely with the elderly and their families. Professionalism is very important.  All instructors I had at WITC-Ashland attributed vastly to the professional I am today. Even though it has been 12 years since I attended and graduated from WITC, the experience has stayed with me and has resulted in a successful employment position.” 

Pictured is Lori working with a resident of Ashland Health and Rehabilitation Center.

Lori Hebert, Admissions/Marketing Coordinator, Ashland Health and Rehabilitation Center
WITC Graduate

Jayne Ovaska, WITC Office Support Specialist Graduate


WITC was a beneficial part in obtaining the perfect job for me. I have been working at this office since I graduated, over three years ago. I believe the skills I learned at WITC made it possible for me to get the job that I love. Thank you WITC.

Jayne Ovaska, Chiropractic Assistant, Hickman Chiropractic Office
WITC Graduate