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Occupational Therapy Assistant

Many people assume that occupational therapy assists with employment or career guidance. Below is a video link that offers a complete understanding of what an Occupational Therapy Assistant really does on the job. The video focuses on the skills and personal qualities needed to become an OTA. It also elaborates on the pay levels and personal satisfaction a job as an OTA offers.

Watch personal interviews with accomplished Occupational Therapy Assistants, along with a wide variety of work settings. See what skill sets, basic knowledge of human anatomy, and proper biology classes may be needed in high school to prepare you for your continued education in this field. This video correlates to national and state board certification standards.

To view this video, click on the link below:

Disclaimer: To access this video you must either be a WITC student with access to MyWITC where login and password information to the Learning Resource Center research databases is located; or visit one of the WITC campuses. Please contact Student Services for assistance when visiting the campus.

(A Meridian Production: 22 minutes)

Admission Requirements

Students in this program must:

Program-Specific Requirements

Students in this program must:

Admission questions? Check our WITC Admissions section.

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