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Instructions for Reentry into OTA Core Courses

In the event an OTA student who is matriculated into core OTA (514-XXX) and/or core science (806-XXX) courses has to temporarily leave the program, the student is considered a “reentry” student.  This may occur because the student:

 If you are at this website, it means the Program Director has determined you are a reentry student.

Reentry students have priority reentry status for one year if space is available.  For example, if you leave the program during or at the end of the Fall 2015 semester, you will maintain priority reentry until Fall 2016.  Should you decide to postpone your reentry to the OTA program during the priority year you will forfeit your priority reentry status and will be eligible for reentry after other students waiting to reenter have had the opportunity to reenter. 

Please carefully review the Intent to Reenter form, sign and return this form within one month of your exiting the program to the following address:

Mari Jo Ulrich
2100 Beaser Ave
Ashland WI  54806

If you return your Intent to Reenter form you will receive an email through your WITC email account giving you further details regarding course registration for the semester of your reentry.  If you do not return your Intent to Reenter form by the deadline it will be assumed that you are no longer interested in enrolling in the WITC OTA program courses and your name will be removed from the reentry priority list.

 Please note that while you may not be eligible to continue with core OTA courses at this time due to pre/corequisite requirements, you are still eligible to take general studies or elective courses required for graduation from the OTA program. 

 If you are planning on retaking coursework through another WTCS college, you must still complete and return the Intent to Reenter form.  This will ensure you of reentry priority status for the one year time limit. 

If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Mari Jo Ulrich, OTA Program Director, at or 800/243-9482 x 3167.

Reentry Student Checklist