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Management and Leadership Program

Tom Fennessey, WITC Supervisory Management program graduate.

2 plus 2 = a Four Year Degree

Tom Fennessey, graduate
Supervisory Management Program

As a non-traditional student, I began my college education at the age of 33 by pursuing and completing my associate degree in Supervisory Management program at WITC. At the time I was working full-time and helping my wife raise our family of three children. Shortly after my graduation from WITC in 1995, I was promoted to a supervisory position in the facilities management department at the University of Wisconsin-Superior thanks to the success of my education at WITC.

I later enrolled in a bachelorís degree program in business management at UW-Superior and graduated in 2002 with a bachelorís degree. I then enrolled in an online masterís program in project management at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and graduated in 2005.

Being a non-traditional student was a very challenging and yet very rewarding time for me. My education prepared me for advancement in my job at UW-Superior, where I currently serve as the director of facilities management. If it were not for my educational start at WITC, I would not be where I am today, both in my career and in my life. WITC prepared me for my educational and career advancements and was the springboard to continuing my life-long journey of learning.

As a member of the WITC Supervisory Management Advisory Board, which I chair both the local and districtwide boards, I have been able to continue my connection with the program and see it evolve into a program meeting todayís needs. This has also given me the opportunity to give back to WITC for what I gained from my education.


Lorena Grimm, Supervisory Management program graduate.

Lorena Grimm, Graduate
Supervisory Management Program

In high school, Lorena Grimmís dream was to become an executive with a fast-paced career in a big city. Not giving up on her dream, Grimm kept her eye on job postings, knowing that she was capable of more.

After she started taking night courses at WITC in Rice Lake, her workplace realized her potential and promoted her to purchasing manager. Grimm was able to do it she says, because she is ďorganized and drivenĒ Ė and fortunate to have a supportive and understanding family.

Grimm graduated with honors with an associateís degree in Supervisory Management in 2004. Trudy Kroeger, one of Grimmís Supervisory Management instructors, says that she enjoyed having Grimm in class because she was a hard worker, had goals and was a real team player Ė important attributes for students, as well as what employers seek.

Her perseverance paid off when she was hired as a third-shift supervisor at Parker, a place she had wanted to work at for years. Eventually, a day position opened up and Grimm now supervises 50 machinists and assemblers.

Today, Grimm is a valued member of the WITC Supervisory Management Program Advisory Committee, offering her insight about what future supervisors need to be equipped for real world work life. In addition, with her determination still hard at work, Grimm entered UW-Stout as a junior as she studies for a bachelorís degree.