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Management and Leadership Program

Supervisory Management student receives the WITC Distinguished Alumni Award from the program instructor/manager

Accelerated Learning Options

An accelerated learning option (ACCEL) makes it easy for students to attend school while maintaining full or part-time employment. Since many of the courses are scheduled in the evenings and on weekends, students are able to complete the program in less than three years by attending class two evenings a week. 

Accelerated programs make it possible for students to earn an associate degree in less time by attending class on a part-time basis. Classroom time is reduced; therefore, students are expected to complete a wide variety of activities, participate in study groups, and work on their own time outside of class.

Generally accelerated classes are completed in 8 - 12 weeks. When classes are scheduled, they are longer in duration but meet less often. Classes can meet year round and are not bound by a traditional college calendar.

Accelerated learning is not for everyone. You must be able to work independently, have good organizational skills and be motivated to complete assignments. ACCEL classes do require a significant amount of time on take home assignments each week and require self-discipline.

Contact an Admissions Advisor to find out if accelerated learning is right for you.