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Management and Leadership Program

Simply the best value

One of the things most Management and Leadership students are NOT looking for is high tuition bills and exhaustive loan payments. College education is the most important investment one can make, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank.

Scott Stariha is an account executive for an insurance agency in Duluth, MN and along with his son-in-law, owns two Jimmy John sandwich shops in Duluth and Superior. A highly successful businessman, he laughs when he recalls a conversation he had with a counselor from a four-year university. 

"Essentially, he told me that I would never make as much money with an associate degree from a technical college as I could by getting a degree from a four-year college." Stariha says with a wry smile, "I'm pleased with what WITC helped me accomplish monetarily. They gave me the tools to succeed both academically and financially." Stariha is a graduate of the Supervisory Management program.

Take time to compare costs, classes and careers. WITC is the place to begin. It makes financial sense.

Scott Stariha, Distinguished Alumni - Graduate of the WITC Supervisory Management Program.
"Change: When dynamic force meets unstoppable attitude"