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Technical Studies - Journeyworker

10-499-5 Associate Degree                                                            Financial Aid Eligible
Campus: Ashland, New Richmond, Rice Lake, Superior

Apprentice. Unique. Specialized.

The apprenticeship associate degree in Technical Studies - Journeyworker is designed for students who are looking for a specialized course of instruction which is not available in existing programs. The program allows the student to receive advanced standing credit for previous apprenticeship work and then create a unique associate degree. Students will be required to complete a program plan with the apprenticeship dean and identify their career objectives and the courses that will help them meet those objectives.

Admission Requirements

Students in this program must:

Work Experience. Action Plan. Team Player.

Students should strive to reach a comfort level in the following courses or skills:

Student Profile

The technical studies option is designed for students who have:

Program Outcomes

This unique degree will:

Program Costs

This program is eligible for financial aid. View more information on program and costs.

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