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Broadband Technologies Program

Community Projects

Student doing an install at the Rice Lake Public Library. Rice Lake Public Library
Students gained valuable experience when they rewired the data communications network of the Rice Lake Public Library. Students preplanned the operation in class, and then completed installation of the new computer network wiring and termination components in just one day.

Alan D. Christensen, computer specialist for the city of Rice Lake expressed gratitude to instructor Paul Kostner and WITC students for “the expert advice, and many hours of work that WITC donated to planning and executing this project.” Christiansen said that the installation was completed on all three floors of the library, during normal library hours, “without any significant disruption of library operations.” He also says students and faculty “were great to work with, professional in conduct and can be proud of a job well done.”

2010-11 Project - Heart Island is a former convent located in Rice Lake, WI, that is being converted into a short-term living facility for persons who are homeless due to a variety of circumstances. Students will be wiring closed-circuit security cameras along with voice data, cable for television and other video services.