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Broadband Technologies

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What Graduates are Saying

Great hands-on technical training.  The telecommunications labs and outside plant accurately reflected industry norms and provided an excellent means for real-life training.

Dustin Wirth

"I am a graduate of WITC-Rice Lake’s telecommunications technologies program. Since graduating in May 2013, I have started my career as a broadband technician with Charter Communications. The telecommunications program did a great job preparing me for the industry by providing hands-on learning and experience installing and troubleshooting cable, telephone and fiber optic systems. The knowledge I gained at WITC has definitely laid the foundation for my career in the telecommunications industry."

Trent Givens, 2 Year Associates Degree Telecommunications Technologies

Trent Givens
2 Year Associates Degree - Telecommunications Technologies

"My summer internship as an Outside Plant Technician prepared me for the industry after graduation. I prepared outside plant cabling in preparation for new Video over IP technologies that Lakeland Communications will deliver in the future. I read cable maps and staking sheets, verified PEDS and OSP cables, assigned cable counts and pairs, and spliced twisted pair cabling for future use.

WITC prepared me from interviewing for a career in the industry, to working in the field using my specific telecommunications training I obtained at WITC. The internship will increase my chances of employment in the field because of the training I received from Lakeland Communications and WITC."


Travis Kubesh, second year Telecommunications Program student.

Travis Kubesh

"I am in my second year of a two year Telecommunications Technologies program. This past summer I did an internship through Midwest Cable Maintenance. I did anything from splicing ribbon fiber and single tube fiber to going house-to-house testing the fiber optics for fiber to the home projects. I also troubleshoot fiber cables when they tested bad or couldn't get a light reading on the light sources meters. I performed bare-end and single-end fiber tests with the Optical Domain Trace Reflectometer, and I learned to read fiber and fiber splicing maps at WITC and used this knowledge in my internships everyday work assignments. I worked in Cameron, Eau Claire, Bloomer, Duluth, Downsville, Shell Lake and Balsam Lake. Traveling is must in this telecommunications occupation. By having this internship I gained a lot of knowledge and work experience from the Telecommunications Industry and a possible job upon graduation."



Jerame Lybert, second year Telecommunications Program student.

Jerame Lybert

"I am in my second year of the two-year Telecommunications Program. This summer I had an internship with Baldwin Telecom. I prewired Optical Network Terminals, which were mounted on the customers house for fiber to the home project. I installed infrastructure cabling using cat.5 specifications which was a part of my telecommunications curriculum. Through my internship, I performed basic installs and troubleshot DSL, CATV and POTS services. I know by having this internship, I increased my chances of getting hired in the Telecommunications Industry. I believe my work experience and my education from WITC will get me a position in the telecommunications field."


  Danny S. Huff

“I am a graduate of the Telecommunications Technologies program at WITC’s Rice Lake campus. Through my educational experience and by obtaining the industry respected certifications offered through the program, I was able to obtain a job as a Network Technician for a voice, data and video provider. I can say without a doubt that having those certifications and sound knowledge base was a main contributing factor to me being hired for the position I have.”

  Travis Werlein

"I am currently in my second year of the Telecommunications Technologies program. This summer, I had an internship with Finley Engineering. I worked on schematic designs of fiber optic networks, as well as staking for fiber to the home applications. Traveling is a must in this industry, and during my internship I worked in Hudson, Fountain City, Buffalo City, Cochrane, Durand and Altoona. I worked with customers on a daily basis when planning cable routes for fiber to the home. Learning how to read maps and schematics at WITC also helped me during my internship since I used maps of various towns to figure out where the cables were being placed. Having an internship with any company in this industry greatly increases your chances of being hired into it upon graduation, because you get to network with so many companies. I got lucky and received a job offer from Finley Engineering and will start working there soon after graduation."

  Tom Lieberherr

“I am finishing my second year of the two-year Telecommunications Technologies program at WITC-Rice Lake. During the summer, I was able to intern at Mosaic Telecom in Cameron in their engineering department doing CAD and mapping. I was fortunate enough at the end of the summer to continue working with them through the school year, which gave me additional experience in tech support for set-top boxes, wireless devices and cellular phones. This opportunity gave me great experience and really helped bridge the gap financially between school and my career in telecommunications. The Telecommunications Technologies program is a one of a kind experience that is a must have for anyone interested in the telecommunications field.”