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Welding Program

Program PreviewWelding Program student participating in Fab 2009

Are you wondering about a career in welding? Welders may work in a wide variety of industries, ranging from car racing to manufacturing. The work done in the different industries and the equipment used may vary greatly. As a student in the welding program, you will learn a variety of welding techniques that include gas metal arc, shielded metal arc, flux cored arc and gas tungsten arc. Prospects for jobs are good for welders trained in the latest welding technologies.

Schedule time to view the program and meet with welding instructors and students. This provides a great opportunity for you to get questions answered on topics such as program curriculum, equipment, costs and employment prospects after graduation.

Visit our Welding Resource Links Web page for links to welding Web sites and magazines.

Contact the Admissions Advisor at your campus location to schedule your program shadow today.