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General Studies Competencies

Course Competencies describe the major skills/knowledge students must master to pass a course. Assessment of course competencies reflect whether or not students are able to adequately master the content of the course.

General Studies offers courses in communication, mathematics, science, social science, and behavioral science that provide the foundation for degree, certificate, and diploma programs at WITC. General Studies courses will be assessed each year according to an identified schedule with results being posted on a yearly basis.

Prepared Learner courses equip students with the skills necessary to master college-level curricula. Accuplacer test scores, academic history, self-awareness, and/or length of time away from formal education steer students to these courses. Prepared Learner courses carry college credits and are eligible for financial aid. They cannot be counted for degree credit. Students whose placement scores require Prepared Learner enrollment must complete each required class with a grade of C or higher before registering for the subsequent General Studies course.

Click on the course title below to view the course’s course outcome summary, which includes the course competencies:

10801195 Written Communication
10801196 Oral/Interpersonal Communication
10801197 Technical Reporting
10801198 Speech
32801361 Applied Communications 1
32801363 Applied Communications 2

10804107 College Mathematics
10804113 College Technical Mathematics 1A
10804114 College Technical Mathematics 1B
10804115 College Technical Mathematics 1
10804116 College Technical Mathematics 2
10804123 Math with Business Applications
10804133 Mathematics and Logic
10804138 Math for Health Professionals
10804189 Introductory Statistics
32804355 Math 355
32804364 Math 364
32804365 Math 365
32804373 Math 373
32804383 Math 383

10806112 Principles of Sustainability
10806122 Natural Sciences in Society
10806134 General Chemistry
10806140 Chemistry
10806175 Pathophysiology
10806177 General Anatomy and Physiology
10806179 Advanced Anatomy and Physiology
10806197 Microbiology
10806198 Human Biology
31806310 Science for Cosmetologists
31806352 Applied Physical Science
32806300 Applied Materials Science
32806351 Applied Science

Social Science
10809122 Introduction to American Government
10809166 Introduction to Ethics: Theory and Application
10809172 Introduction to Diversity Studies
10809174 Social Problems
10809195 Economics
10809196 Introduction to Sociology

Behavioral Science
10809159 Abnormal Psychology
10809188 Developmental Psychology
10809198 Introduction to Psychology
32809371 Applied Human Relations

10890100 Success Strategies 1
10890101 Success Strategies 2
10890105 Job Quest
10890120 Service Learning
32890300 Contemporary Workplace
32890305 Applied Information Resources

Prepared Learner
10831103 Intro to College Writing
10834109 Pre-Algebra
10835103 Study Skills
10838104 Intro to College Reading