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Assessment Resource Links

Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives

"Bloom's taxonomy," developed nearly fifty years ago, is still a useful guide for thinking about teaching and learning. This site, and others linked to it, includes lists of suggested verbs for describing practically any learning objectives.

Critical Thinking,

Glossary of Terms:

Higher Education Assessment page:

National Survey of Student Engagement:

Worldwide Instructional Design System (WIDS)

WITC uses the Worldwide Instructional Design System (WIDS) to document curriculum. WIDS provides tools that give teachers and designers the ease and flexibility to create performance źdriven learning and assessment. It puts the focus on learning results.

The Teaching, Learning, and Technology Group

The TLT Group mission is to provide materials and services that motivate and enable institutions to improve teaching and learning with technology, while helping them cope with continual change.

"What Do We Know About Students' Learning and How Do We Know It?" by Patricia Cross.

If we are to take learning seriously, we need to know what to look for (through research), to observe ourselves in the act of lifelong learning (self-reflection), and to be much more sensitively aware of the learning of the students that we see before us everyday.

A discussion of the Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education in the context of communication and information technologies, by Steve Ehrmann and Arthur Chickering.

Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation

For questions regarding assessment at WITC, please contact Andrea Schullo, Curriculum and Assessment Manager, at (715) 468-2815 ext 2249 at the Shell Lake Administrative Office or e-mail