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Assessment Team

The members are: 


Alex Birkholz Faculty ext 4269 New Richmond
Nancy Cerritos Academic Dean ext 4270 New Richmond
Larry Gee Senior Director, Teaching and Learning ext 4224 New Richmond
Scott Horsman Faculty ext 4295 New Richmond
Jodie Karr Faculty ext 3159 Ashland
Cindy King Director, Curriculum ext 2231 Shell Lake
Barb Landstrom Director, Academic Advancement ext 2261 Shell Lake
Ted May Academic Dean ext 3252 Ashland
Steve Miller Faculty ext 6320 Superior
Andrea Schullo Curriculum Design Specialist ext 2249 Shell Lake

For questions regarding assessment at WITC, please contact Barb Landstrom, Director, Academic Advancement at (715) 468-2815 ext 2261 at the Shell Lake Administrative Office or Email Barb Landstrom.