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WITC Staff - Blackboard User Documentation

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Getting Started

How do I start?
Why Should Use Blackboard?

General Information

Navigating in Blackboard
Using Blackboard in Your Course
File Management Tutorial

Managing Course Content

Archiving Course to Import Content to Template
Importing a Course into Template
Copying Course Content
Revising the Template
Linking the Faculty Button with Staff Bio Page
Creating Multiple Faculty Profiles Linked to Faculty Button
WITC Faculty Bio Information for Web


Course Statistics
Create Quiz
Create a Survey
Looking at Question Types
Using Quiz Pools
Prevent Printing of Assessments
Dropping Lowest Grade

Content Areas

Add an Assignment
Add Files
Add Images
Add Staff Information
Make Quiz and Surveys Available
Copy Within Your Course
Math Equation Editor
Organizing and Creating Folders

Course Options Area

Add Course Banner
Changing the Course Menu Buttons and Area Availability
Course Availability
Creating a Course Back-up

User Management Area

Setting up Student Groups
Printing Your Roster in Blackboard

Grade Center

Grade Center Manual (complete)
Grade Center Toolbars
The Basics
Grade Columns Toolbar Explanation
Organizations Toolbar Explanation
View Toolbar Explained
Adding Column
Adding a Weighted Column
Adding a Minimum/Maximum Column
Managing the Center
Uploading Grades from an External Source
Downloading your Grade Center
Adding and Managing Grade Categories
Modifying a Category
Removing a Category
Smart Views
Add a Group Smart View
Add a Benchmark Smart View
Add a Focus Smart View
Add an Investigate Smart View
Managing Grading Periods
Managing Grading Schemas
Modify a Grading Schema
Copy a Grading Schema
Organize Grade Center
Change the Display of the Grade Center
Hiding and Showing Grade Center Columns
Making Columns Visible to All Views of the Grade Center
Freezing and Unfreezing Panes
Show/Hide Users
Using Email
Using Reports
Grade History
Altering the View of Grade History
Exporting and Downloading the Grade History
Clearing Grade History
Disabling Grade History

Course Tools Area

Add Announcements
Add a Discussion Board
Safe Assign Plagiarism Checker
Posting Important Dates in the Course Calendar
Collecting and Printing Messages in Discussion Board
Emailing Students from Your Blackboard Course
Changing  Your Blackboard Password
Searching Your Discussion Board
Sorting Messages in Discussion Board
Participating in a Discussion


Adding Notes