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Superior Activities

Clubs & Organizations

Automotive Club - Terry Glanville & Todd Asanovich
The Automotive Club works to provide a deeper interest in the art and science of automotive by assisting student through activities and automotive experience that develop professional ideals, skills including heightened level of safety in the proper use and care of shop and personal equipment, and friendship while inspiring an interest in community involvement.

Barber/Cosmetology Club - Jean Engebretson or Charley Thompson
The barber/cosmetology club is responsible for fundraisers to offset the costs of group extracurricular activities. For example; we are attending a hair show in Minneapolis this Sunday and Monday. The club raised money to pay for the students tickets for the event so the students wouldn’t be burdened with the extra expense.

Business Management Club - Mary Tripp, Advisor
The Business Management club works to advance learning and experiences for Business Management Students and all business majors.

Computer Club - Paul Weisinger
The Computer Club promotes learning in the area related to computer science and technology to encourage interdisciplinary learning, cultural exchange and recreational activities between areas to which computer science and technology applies. 

Criminal Justice Club - Danna Livingston
The purpose of the Criminal Justice Club is to provide an opportunity for professional growth in the field of Corrections, giving participants experience in teamwork, organizational skills, leadership development, fun and excellence.  Students assist with correction field workshops, educational fairs, and a variety of learning experiences. 

Early Childhood Association -
Students have the opportunity to organize community events for children and families, attend local conferences, participate in fundraising activities and learn to be advocates for the field of Early Childhood Education.

Human Services Associate Club  -  Johanna Garrison
The goal of the Human Services Club is to apply project learning experiences to the practice of Human Service.

Nursing Club - Cindy Larrabee & Lisa Starr
The Nursing Club at WITC-Superior Campus, is to promote the education of nursing students while enriching the student’s interface with the community. Nontraditional opportunities are provided outside of the classroom for those students who are interested.  The goals of the club are: to develop leadership skills in the field of nursing, to develop a sense of individual responsibility, to allow opportunity to appreciate and implement the obligations of citizenship while being a nurse, and to develop an appreciation of civic and social obligations of those engaged in nursing.

Science Club - Lori Cypher
The purpose of the science club is to provide a supportive club for science students, offering enhanced academic field trips and opportunities to advance student learning within the science field.

Student Senate - Rebecca Bourque
The Student Senate is the social, political, and educational organization that represents the entire WITC-Superior student body. The Student Senate serves as the leadership and voice of the students. We are affiliated with the state organization Wisconsin Student Government (WSG).

The Student Senate partners with WITC administration in decision-making at WITC, plans and sponsors a variety of student activities, provides financial support to student organizations on campus, and listens to the concerns of our fellow classmates.

Technical Engagement Club (T.E.C.)Venessa Osborne and James Miller
The purpose of T.E.C. is to bring students from all programs together, regardless of technological skill level or ability, in order to advance club members’ use of technology.  T.E.C. provides a supportive and enthusiastic learning  environment in which members can build their technological skill set, confidence in their abilities, and develop leadership skills through participation in club activities or officer positions.  Explore how to use technology in your education, field or industry, and your daily personal life!

Welding Club - John Palmer & Aleasha Hladilek
The welding club promotes the art and science of welding and cutting of metal through the sharing of experience and information, following highly defined safety and use guidelines of equipment. The club looks to expand the base of knowledge in metal preparation, welding and assembly of metal through cooperative exchange of ideas and expertise.