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WITC Superior Conference Center Conditions of Use

600 North 21st Street ~ Superior, WI 54880
715-394-6677 Fax: 715-394-3771

Conference Room Area

Mission Statement

The WITC Superior Conference Center is a WITC meeting facility dedicated to creating a quality environment for educational business meetings. It provides for WITC's specially scheduled classes and events, and also serves a wide variety of business, government and community groups.

Conditions of Use

Events may not be in competition with WITC programming or for private individuals or outside groups for private gain, to include private educational activities for profit except in special circumstances which prove advantageous to the College. WITC Campus buildings and grounds are tobacco-free, drug and alcohol free. WITC shall not be responsible for the loss, theft or damage to personal property nor for personal injury resulting from the conduct of activities under direction of users. Any organization or group using WITC property shall be responsible for any damage to property during the period of use. Seating arrangements and room assignments may be modified according to the number of participants and the availability of rooms.

Religious Groups

Use of facilities for meetings which include religious topics and/or religious worship services is limited to activities primarily conducted for WITC students and staff, provided that such activities not be conducted on a regularly scheduled or continuing basis.

Political Groups/Candidates

Recognized political groups and candidates for public office are permitted to use College facilities provided the facilities are available. College procedures provide for one public meeting on behalf of each recognized candidate for public office during any election year. During a general election year, each political party may use WITC facilities for one public meeting on behalf of its candidates for national office and one public meeting for state office candidates. Such meetings should conform with the Open Meeting Laws and provide audience participants with the opportunity to ask questions and/or react at the conclusion of presentations.

The use of College facilities for solicitation of political contributions is strictly prohibited by state law.

The authorized use of College facilities for any non-college activity in no way constitutes an endorsement of the organization using the facilities nor the content of the programs or activities conducted.

at the Conference Center for questions.