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Enrollment Verification Request

Image of screen showing Enrollment Verification Request

Why would I need an Enrollment Verification? 

Unofficial enrollment verification can be generated and printed for personal records, insurance records or parent information, etc. as long as an unofficial enrollment verification printout is acceptable.  Contact Student Services at your campus to request an official Enrollment Verification report.

  1. Select Academic Records
  2. Select Enroll Verification Request
  3. Select information that you would like to include in the report (i.e. academic program, degrees, GPA, specific term.
  4. Either select "Send to My Address" or enter send to with a country of USA. Once you enter the country the other address fields will be displayed.
  5. Complete the address fields and select submit.
  6. After you click submit the enrollment verification will be displayed and you will be able to print it from your browser window. For other enrollment verification documentation, please contact the Campus Office at your location.

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