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Strategic Planning 2009 - 2012

WITC finalized its new strategic goals for 2009 - 2012. Forums were held at each of our WITC locations and input was given by community members, business & industry leaders, students, and employees. Feedback was also received through online and paper surveys. The President's Cabinet reviewed and carefully considered all input. On February 16, 2009, the board accepted the four new strategic goals.  The President presented this information to all staff on February 18, 2009.

Thank you to those who participated in the forums or completed an online/paper survey.

Strategic Plan (2009-2012) *retired on 6-30-12

The 2009-2012 Strategic Plan includes a summary of the strategic goals, objectives, and action items at the beginning of the document. Action steps follow the summary and provide additional details on the progress that has been made.

Note: The 2009-2012 Strategic Plan was retired on June 30, 2012. Please refer to the 2012-2015 Strategic Plan.

Strategic Goals Brochure (2009-2012)

This brochure includes the 2009-2012 strategic goals and objectives.

Timeline (2009-2012)

Administration monitors the strategic planning timeline.

Strategic Goals, Objectives, and Action Items (2009-2012) (2-18-09 first format/version)
On February 16, 2009, the Board of Trustees gave their acceptance of the four new strategic goals. The President presented this information at the collegewide inservice on February 18, 2009. Since this document was created, revisions were made and are included in the Strategic Plan above.

Themes by Category
The President's Cabinet categorized all of the forum feedback below into one "Themes by Category" document.

The "themes" that came out of the forum and survey feedback are listed alphabetically below:
   1. College Planning and Effectiveness
   2. Strategic Partnerships
   3. College Culture and Climate
   4. Student Support

Forum Feedback
The forum input and online/paper survey feedback was posted below by location and group type.
Note: All input was considered in the development of the new strategic goals for 2009-2012; however, not every suggestion resulted in change. Thanks again for taking the time to provide input and ways to help WITC be a better College.


All Locations Business & Industry Online/Paper Survey Feedback 10-08-08
All Locations Community Online/Paper Survey Feedback 10-08-08
Ashland Business & Industry Forum Feedback 09-17-08
Ashland Community Forum Feedback 09-17-08
Hayward Community Forum Feedback 10-23-08
Ladysmith Community Forum Feedback 11-05-08
New Richmond Business and Industry Forum Feedback 08-25-08
New Richmond Community Forum Feedback 08-25-08
Rice Lake Business and Industry/Community Forum Feedback 07-18-08
Superior Business & Industry Forum Feedback 09-24-08
Superior Community Forum Feedback 09-24-08


All Locations Employee Online/Paper Survey Feedback 10-11-08
Ashland Employee Forum Feedback 09-18-08
New Richmond Employee Forum Feedback 09-04-08
Rice Lake Employee Forum Feedback 09-11-08
Shell Lake Employee Forum Feedback 09-22-08
Superior Employee Forum Feedback 09-24-08


All Locations Student Online/Paper Survey Feedback 10-11-08
Ashland Student Forum Feedback 09-18-08
New Richmond Student Forum Feedback 09-04-08
Rice Lake Student Forum Feedback 09-11-08
Superior Student Forum Feedback 09-24-08

For questions about the 2008 surveys or forum information, please e-mail Kim Olson, Executive Assistant to the Board and President.

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