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2015-2018 Strategic Planning

The WITC 2015-2018 Strategic Plan is now approved and in progress.

Forums were held at each of our WITC locations and input was given by community members, business & industry leaders, students, and employees. Feedback was also received through online and paper surveys. From the input provided, College leadership determined strategic metrics and themes and goals were developed by the College's Quality Improvement Steering Committee. The WITC Board of Trustees approved the final 2015-2018 goals, objectives, and metrics on March 17, 2014. College and divisional leadership have collaborated in developing detailed action items and steps.

Enrollment - 2,700 FTE
Enrollment - 25,000 Headcount (unduplicated)
Cost/FTE - less than 115% of WTCS Cohort Average
Employee Satisfaction - 4.0 (Satisfied)
Employer Satisfaction - 97%
Student Satisfaction - 6.0 (Satisfied)


Goal 1: Provide Support and Opportunities for Student Learning and Success
  1. Develop a systematic approach that will raise students' level of essential skills for success in both employment and life.
  2. Develop strategies for responsive scheduling and teaching methods.
  3. Analyze and determine programming opportunities by meeting community needs and serving district residents.
  4. Plan and improve facilities and technology to support the learning environment.
Goal 2: Create and Strengthen Partnerships that Benefit our Stakeholders
  1. Develop additional approaches to provide work-based learning opportunities utilizing assistance of our Business & Industry partners.
  2. Working with K-12 districts, develop a comprehensive approach to increase and promote enrollment opportunities to high school students.
  3. Create networking and relationship-building connections.
Goal 3: Foster a Learning and Working Environment that Encourages Trust, Respect, and Professional Growth
  1. Effectively predict the technical and soft skill needs of employers and train faculty and staff accordingly so that program modifications can be made in a timely and efficient manner.
  2. Determine areas for faculty development relative to use of best instructional practices.
  3. Emphasize and provide opportunities and resources for support and technical staff learning and professional development that help the College achieve its strategic goals and objectives.
  4. Continue to develop manager and supervisor leadership skills.
  5. Enhance strategies to recruit and retain positively engaged and responsive employees.
Goal 4: Demonstrate Effective Leadership through Collaboration with Clear and Consistent Communication
  1. Improve internal communications and decision making.
  2. Enhance external communication in recruitment and general marketing.
  3. Showcase our facilities.

2015-2018 Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Brochure

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