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Renewable Energy & Sustainability at WITC

Programs & CertificatesA student in the Building Performance Technician program connects a blower door to test home energy efficiency.

WITC has added several new green programs and certificates to its long list of offerings. WITC continues to provide cutting-edge training. Below you’ll find brief descriptions of our new programs and certificates.

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Building Performance Technician associate degree program prepares specialists to evaluate the energy demands of residential or commercial facilities and make recommendations to minimize energy losses, while maximizing financial benefits from these investments. This will prepare graduates to evaluate building energy systems, monitor energy consumption, identify energy-loss problems, evaluate indoor air quality impacts and complete energy efficiency plans.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning/Refrigeration (HVAC/R) is one of the fastest growing trades in the country and WITC offers a program like none other in Wisconsin. Learn how to design, install, service, maintain and operate systems and equipment in a variety of settings. This technical diploma program introduces students to basic concepts of geothermal heating and cooling; including using geothermal pumps, ground source heat exchangers, indoor heat exchangers, connecting devices and circulating fluid configurations and fusions.


Students and instructor discussing benefits of solar energy.

Renewable Electricity Technical Certificates will provide students with the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to plan, install and maintain wind and solar (photovoltaic) renewable electrical energy systems. Both Renewable Electricity - Photovoltaic and Renewable Electricity-Wind (planned for 2011) are ideal for individuals who have experience working as an electrical contractor/electrician and desire training with renewable energy systems; have a background in environmental issues and desire to supplement or update their renewable energy skills; or would like to begin work installing or maintaining in the growing fields of wind or solar photovoltaic energy systems.

Sustainable Design certificate is offered online and provides applicants a wealth of education in sustainable building design. Whether the student is interested in building design, building construction, or just wanting to gain a working knowledge about the topic, this course provides the first step. Students will learn about sustainable structures, renewable energy sources, types of energy systems, methods of construction and alternative energy uses for both residential and commercial buildings. They’ll also discover how to reduce personal carbon footprint, conserve natural resources, calculate energy loads for buildings and design smart, high-performance buildings from an ecological standpoint.