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Renewable Electricity Educational Opportunities

Programs & Certificates

WITC has added several new green programs and certificates to its long list of offerings. WITC continues to provide cutting-edge training. Below you’ll find brief descriptions of our new programs and certificates.

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Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning/Refrigeration (HVAC/R) is one of the fastest growing trades in the country and WITC offers a program like none other in Wisconsin. Learn how to design, install, service, maintain and operate systems and equipment in a variety of settings. This technical diploma program introduces students to basic concepts of geothermal heating and cooling; including using geothermal pumps, ground source heat exchangers, indoor heat exchangers, connecting devices and circulating fluid configurations and fusions.


Students and instructor discussing benefits of solar energy.

Renewable Electricity Technical Certificates - While WITC no longer offers the Renewable Electricity Certificate, we continue to offer Renewable Electricity courses through Continuing Education. We are exploring collaboration with licensed electricians, so that people who learn the basics of Renewable Electricity systems understand how to work with electricians for installations or trouble-shooting. We would like to work toward a time when all new systems that are installed in our region are installed by people who live in our area.