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Why Get An Energy Audit?

Owning a home is an expensive investment. Help keep energy costs low. Have a professional analyze your home for energy efficiency, home health and more. An energy audit can find ways to reduce the cost of keeping your home comfortable. Homeowners will also get tips to make wise choices – invest in home energy improvements where it will save the most for the least expense.

What Do Energy Auditors Do?

Tools of the Trade

Benefits for Homeowners

WITC Building Performance Technician

This associate degree program prepares specialists to evaluate residential and nonresidential facilities using the “building as a system” approach.

Students will become familiar with all aspects of energy efficient construction and will be able to analyze building performance in the areas of health, safety, durability and energy efficiency. The program explores state-of-the-art emerging construction techniques, traditional and historic construction methods as well as heating, ventilation, cooling, plumbing and electrical systems.

Graduates of the program will be prepared to enter many different areas of the energy efficient construction industry including planning, evaluating or producing energy efficient construction, examining existing buildings to determine the scope and priority of energy efficient modifications, testing to verify that new construction or modifications to existing buildings are properly installed and perform as required or work in the area of energy efficient product sales and marketing.

What jobs are possible with this degree?

How long does the program take?

The program can be completed in two years. Another option is to extend the courses throughout a three-year period. This results in semesters of 12 credits (still considered full time), while providing students freedom in work and personal time.

For additional information, contact:

Duane Lasley
Energy Efficiency Technician Instructor
600 N 21st Street, Superior, WI 54880
Phone: 715.394.6677, ext 6346
Email Duane Lasley
Ted May, Ph.D. Academic Dean,
Renewable Energy and Sustainability
Phone: 715.682.4591, ext. 3252
Email Ted May