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Renewable Energy & Sustainability Overview

Being Green

By Ted May, Academic Dean for Renewable Energy and Sustainability

During the last five years, the word ‘green’ has taken on different connotations from just a color. The word has come to suggest ways that we can live our lives in ways that minimize our impacts on our economy, society and the broader environment.

WITC has made a commitment to incorporate economic, social and environmental sustainability into its programs and how we operate the college. Programming is being modified or added to incorporate these concepts and skills.

In WITC’s Building Performance Technician program, students are learn how to conduct in-depth energy audits and provide quality control for construction companies. This knowledge can be used for careers as retrofit installers or building performance consultants.

WITC faculty are investigating strategies for incorporating green or sustainability concepts into all programs across the college. We have courses, certificates and programs where students learn to convert used cooking oil into usable diesel, how to service geothermal heating and cooling systems, install solar or photovoltaic systems, and other still-evolving skills.

We invite you to see how we have incorporated renewable energy and sustainability concepts into our operation in a way that improves the efficiency of our campuses. We are confident that these examples will give you a good idea of what sustainability means at WITC.

WITC - Many Shades of Green