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Producing Renewable Electricity at WITC

WITC has three solar (Photovoltaic or PV) systems and one small wind turbine producing electricity at three campuses across the district. This site links to the monitoring systems the college has in place and allows tracking of electricity production. WITC will also show monthly and annual production across the college as future monitoring devices are added. Please click on “View Live Statistics” for each system to see what these systems are producing.

As additional monitoring software is obtained for each system, this site will be used to document ongoing production for the college. These savings may be used to invest in future energy-production or energy-savings investments for the college. In this way, WITC continues to practice wise use of the taxpayer dollars that are invested in the college.

Ashland Campus

In 2007, the 1.4 kw photovoltaic (PV) system at the WITC-Ashland campus was the first to be installed at any WITC campus. This provided students at that campus the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to plan, install and maintain these systems, along with many other developing forms of green energy. All citizens and students across the college can now keep track of what the system is generating.

The solar panel is a single-axis tracking solar array, which tracks the sun on an east-west axis. The DC electricity generated by the panel is converted into AC. In essence, it offsets the campus’ overall energy usage.

This system was installed as part of an MREA (Midwest Renewable Energy Association), an educational association in Custer, Wis., workshop.

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Ashland Campus Wind Energy System

In 2011, students in the renewable electricity certificate installed a donated 3-kw wind turbine at the campus. The turbine had been given to WITC several years ago from a Duluth, Minn., resident who learned that WITC offered renewable electricity courses and wanted his unused turbine to be installed and of service somewhere. This system has been producing electricity since it was installed. The monitoring system is still a work in progress, and not fully accurate at this time.

New Richmond Campus

Most recently, in 2012, WITC had a 4 kw PV system installed at the New Richmond campus. Most of the installation costs were covered by the generous support of WPPI (Wisconsin Public Power Institute) Energy, the company that manages New Richmond Utilities.

This system is a directionally fixed (non-tracking) system facing directly south, with the ability to tilt the panel up for the summer months and down in the winter months for closer approximation to the desired perpendicular orientation to the sun.

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Superior Campus PV System

In the fall of 2010, the college added a 1.4 kw PV system at the WITC-Superior campus. It was installed by students from the renewable electricity certificate at the WITC-Ashland campus and is a similar system to the one used on that campus. The solar panel, a single-axis tracking solar array, tracks the sun on an east-west axis. This system provides the ability to alter the angle of the panels with respect to the sun’s position either low or high on the horizon. Operators can physically adjust this tilt-angle several times each year to keep the system within range of the optimal perpendicular angle for the sun’s rays to strike the panels.

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Please keep an eye on this site, as it will be changing in the coming months with additional monitoring efforts. If you have any questions or suggestions with regard to our renewable electricity systems, please contact the co-chair of WITC’s Renewable Energy and Sustainability Committee at 715.682.4591. If you have questions about this site and the monitoring systems to which it connects, please contact the web manager at 715.246.6561 ext. 4546.