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Information Technology

"Education is a lifelong journey of learning and discovery. We embrace innovative theories, techniques, and technologies to ensure success in a changing world."

-- Anonymous

Technology has forever changed the world that we live in. At WITC, technology is a fact of life and a basic skill that students and staff must master in order to succeed in the rapidly changing global marketplace.

Our belief is that technology is not a separate entity, but is blended into our very existence in our learning community.

The future will require that students be knowledgeable and proficient in the use of technology available in today’s world. Through education of the technologies, we will provide our students and staff with the ability to adapt to change, solve problems, make decisions, and think creatively. The Plan provides a vision and roadmap for the use of technology to strengthen teaching and learning throughout WITC. The preparation of the Plan was coordinated by the 20-member Technology Committee with research and feedback from the student and staff community.

Best wishes to you all as you navigate into the wonderful world of technology!

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