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Printing Strategies - What and Why

The recommendation to implement a print management system originated from the WITC Technology Committee in 2010 and was incorporated into the 2009-12 Strategic Plan. A college wide team with representatives from Student Affairs, the Business Office and Instructional Technology developed the implementation strategy and plan. This is not a means to pass additional costs on to students. Rather, it is meant to curtail excessive printing and create a culture of awareness associated with the environmental impact of unnecessary printing.

In an effort to reduce printing costs and the environmental impact associated with paper waste, WITC utilizes a print management application called PaperCut. Each student is given an initial, one-time $ 25 balance that is good for their entire time as a student at WITC. If a student expends their $25 account, they will need to purchase a voucher card for additional print capabilities from the Bookstore.