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I’m a student with multiple roles in the college: I am work study and tutor. I am a member of BPA, CAB, and student government. Each of these roles requires some amount of printing. How do I ensure that this printing does not come out of my student budget?

What is the procedure when the printer is faulty?

Do I get $25.00 each semester? How does this work?

What happens when I run out of money in my account?

Where do I purchase more print vouchers?

How much is it to print in color? How much is it to print in black and white? How much will I be charged if I print a black and white document on a color printer?

If I have to print a document for a school activity, will I be charged?

If I have to print a poster for a school activity, what will I be charged?

How do I know where my print jobs are being sent?

Does the $25 come from our student fees or tuition?

How will faculty help us cut back to print less?

Are instructors being charged?