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Information Technology - Projects & Initiatives

FY15 WITC Technology Plan  


WITC Strategic Goal 1 (Student Focused) 9/17
Provide Support and Opportunities for Student Learning and Success

Project ID Objective Description Reference
1215-001 Enhance & Improve Online Learning Develop processes and procedures that enhance and improve online learning
Develop a list of acronyms
1.1.1 AA
1215-002 Enhance, Improve, Integrate and Implement Student Learning Assessment Improve assessment communication across the institution 1.2.1 AA
1215-003 Improve Student Learning Environment Classroom/Facilities Improve student learning environment classroom/facilities 1.4.1 AA
1215-004 Expand and Enhance Academic Support (e.g. Learning Commons, Tutoring) Expand and Enhance Academic Support (e.g. Learning Commons, Tutoring) 1.7.1 AA
1215-005 Increase Academic Support Eliminate barriers to students in allowing them to charge enterprise activities to their student account 1.1.1 BS
1215-006 Expand Opportunities to Support Student Learning Create and implement an effective evaluation tool for customized training customers (1.4.i, 2.1.a) FY13 1.1.4 CE
1215-007 Expand and Enhance Student Access to Resources Needed to be Successful Increase hardware and software check-out availability for students to complete assignments 1.1.1 IT
1215-008 Expand the Preparedness for Student Success Implement new communication strategies during the admissions process 1.1.1 SA
1215-009 Increase Academic Support Improve services for students with disabilities 2.1.1 AA

WITC Strategic Goal 3 (Staff Support and Development) 3/9
Foster a Trusting, Respectful Environment that Nurtures Professional Growth and Balance

Project ID Objective Description Reference
1215-011 Increase and Implement Collaborative Educational Offerings in the High Schools Increase and implement collaborative educational offerings in the high schools 3.1.1 AA
1215-012 Enhance Adjunct Faculty Experiences at WITC Enhance adjunct faculty experiences at WITC 3.2.1 AA
1215-013 Enhance the Safety of the College Continue to align site safety protocols and standards 3.1.1 BS
1215-014 Develop a Collegewide Comprehensive Professional Development Strategy Research and analyze a Collegewide professional development plan 3.1.1 HR-IT
1215-015 Develop a Collegewide Comprehensive Professional Development Strategy Develop a Collegewide professional development plan 3.1.2 HR-IT
1215-016 Develop a Collegewide Comprehensive Professional Development Strategy Implement a Collegewide professional development plan 3.1.3 HR-IT
WITC Strategic Goal 4 (Leadership and Communication) 3/10
Demonstrate Effective Leadership through Clear and Consistent Communications
Project ID Objective Description Reference
1215-017 Develop the SharePoint Portal (The Connection) Continue to develop the SharePoint intranet portal (The Connection) 4.1.1 IT
1215-018 Enhance Collaboration Between WITC and its WILM Partners Implement the Operations Team 4.2.1 IT
1215-019 Enhance Collaboration Between WITC and its WILM Partners Develop the WILM Strategic Plan 4.2.2 IT
1215-020 Develop Marketing Strategies Develop Social Media Plan 4.2.2 SA
WITC Strategic Goal 5 (Planning and Implementation of Continuous Improvement) 2/6
Expand upon Strategies that improve Planning Processes, Decision Making, and Effective use of Resources
Project ID Objective Description Reference
1215-021 Expand and Improve Business Processes in the Area of Academic Affairs Expand and improve business processes in the area of Academic Affairs 5.1.1 AA
1215-022 Keep Pace and Balance with Technology Improve internal Business Office processes to make them more efficient and user friendly 5.1.1 a. BS
1215-023 Keep Pace and Balance with Technology Implement a collegewide comprehensive records retention policy and procedures 5.1.1.b BS


Major Technology Initiatives
Project ID Project Title Project Details Divisions
15-001 Community Area Networks Work with UW, DOA & County Government to assist in the development of the Community Area Networks. IT
15-002 Implement Emergency Mass Notification System Implement a 2 Phased Mass Notification System with Phase 1 (FY14) focused on Emergency Notification and Phase 2 (FY15) focused on non-emergency notification. College Safety Committee
15-003 Implement student assessment tools to monitor student skills Implement StudentMeasure and eLab applications to measure student learning skills. Academic Affairs
Student Affairs
15-004 Upgrade staff email to Office365 Upgrade all staff email to the new Office365 IT
15-005 Implement Single Sign On Portal for students and staff In coordination with WILM, implement a Single Sign On (SSO) portal for students and staff. WILM
15-006 Implement tools to improve the online learning initiative Research and implement tools to improve online learning. Collegewide
15-007 Address Video Streaming Requirements Review current application and expand video streaming IT / Distance Learning
Academic Affairs
Student Affairs
15-008 Develop IT Governance Strategies Work with college to develop and implement an IT Governance strategy for web, Sharepoint and IT Projects. IT
15-009 Implement Allied Health Mobile Laptops for testing Pilot mobile laptop technologies in the Allied Health program. IT
Allied Health
15-010 Upgrade Unitrends Data Backup System Upgrade the collegewide data backup systems. IT
15-011 Implement Aristotle Implement Aristotle hardware tracking and utilize the data collected for managing IT budget decisions. IT
15-012 Upgrade collegewide wireless network at all locations to include WITC and Public wireless access. Install latest wireless technology to improve wireless access throughout the college. IT


Improving Technology Services
Project ID Project Title Project Details Divisions
15-100 Develop and implement strategy to enhance The Connection. Research was completed in FY13. Develop strategies to enhance The Connection and if resources are available, implement the strategies. Development has begun in FY14 with completion expected in FY15. IT
15-101 Develop and apply IT Metrics Develop and implement IT Metrics and monitor data. IT
Research and Planning
15-102 Research and implement pilot for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Continue to research opportunities for VDI IT
15-103 Research opportunities to move data center to new CVTC center. Research and evaluate ROI to move Shell Lake Data Center equipment to CVTC. IT
15-104 Research and develop strategies for IT device optimization. Research tools and strategies to develop comprehensive plan for IT Device Optimization IT
15-105 Continue to improve and enhance technology training. Develop a collegewide training plan. IT
15-106 Research implementation strategies for Windows 8. Evaluate options for upgrading to Windows 8. IT
15-107 Update Forefront Identity Manager Improve provisioning of network accounts. IT


Technology Inventories
Staffing VP, Instructional Technology Joe Huftel Oversight of the Instructional Technology Division
Director, Information Technology Jim Dahlberg Leadership of the Information Technology Unit
Technical Operations Manager Tim Maki Oversight of the college network and phones
Network Administrator Tim Bablick Manage the collegewide network
Instructional Technologist Keith Hasart Provide instructional technology support
WILM Student Administration Shannon Scott Provide support and development of administrative applications
Webmaster Nate Fry Oversight of the college web site
Business Analyst Brenda Nunemaker
Shannon Scott
Michele Heinecke
Provide technology support for their assigned campuses as well as the overall college.
Network Technicians Heather Miller, Shell Lake
Aimee Nichols, Shell Lake
Pat McCollough, Ashland
Jared Lamm, New Richmond
Jim Monson, New Richmond
Jerry Secord, Rice Lake/
Kathleen Stanton, Rice Lake
Steve Paplior, Superior
Gerry Suomala, Superior
Provide technology support for their assigned campuses as well as the overall college.
WILM Financial Aid Technician Tracee Bishop Provide Financial Aid technical support to WILM.
Web Technician Pam Thompson Provide support and development of the college web site.