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Information Technology - Projects & Initiatives

FY16 WITC Technology Plan


WITC Strategic Goal 1 (Student Focused) 2015-2018
Provide Support and Opportunities for Student Learning and Success
Project ID Objective Description Reference
1518-001 Improve student financial literacy. Develop web page including links to financial literacy information available to students and staff. 1.1.1
1518-002 Eliminate barriers to students in allowing them to charge enterprise activities to their student accounts. Implement procedures that integrate Nebraska Bookstore Books and PeopleSoft to allow all students to charge textbooks to their WITC student account. 1.3.1
1518-003 Master Facility Plan Assess the strengths and weaknesses at each campus of the physical and technological first impression experience of students. 1.4.1
1518-004 Provide support for students in alternate delivery settings. Provide support for students in alternate delivery settings. 1.4.3
1518-005 Provide additional instructional and administrative resources/functionality through mobile applications. Promote Blackboard Mobile and develop mobile-friendly access to student services. Update the MyWITC Portal. 1.4.4
WITC Strategic Goal 3 (Staff Support and Development) 2015-2018
Foster a Trusting, Respectful Environment that Nurtures Professional Growth and Balance

Project ID Objective Description Reference
1518-006 Provide support for students using technological practices. Class capture, real-time chat availability 3.2.2
1518-007 Launch formalized professional development plan that is customized for each position utilizing College side platforms such as Blackboard for delivery. Identify an application to track and manage staff professional development & training.
Implement application.
1518-008 Develop flexible training video materials and increase marketing of The Connection - Training & Support site and Atomic Learning Identify training needs.
Develop training videos.
Develop communications plan to increase awareness of materials on The Connection.
WITC Strategic Goal 4 (Leadership and Communication) 2015-2018
Demonstrate Effective Leadership through Clear and Consistent Communications
Project ID Objective Description Reference
1518-009 Redesign with WITC Website Focus on marketing the college to prospective students. 4.2.1
1518-010 Research and implement CRM Research and purchase a CRM.
Develop plan to implement.
Major Technology Initiatives
Project ID Objective Description Reference
16-001 Community Area Networks Work with UW, DOA & County Government to assist in the development of the Community Area Networks IT
16-002 Move WITC Data Center to CVTC Move the WITC Data Center hardware to the CVTC Data Center hosting IT
16-003 Implement Blackboard Collaborate Replace Adobe Connect with Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing IT
16-004 Blackboard Hosting Move Blackboard from WITC hosted to Blackboard hosted. IT
16-005 Upgrade The Connection to Sharepoint 2013 Upgrade The Connection to Sharepoint 2013 IT
16-006 Upgrade to Windows 10 Upgrade to Windows 10
Develop and deliver training.
16-007 Upgrade to Office 2016 Upgrade to Office 2016.
Develop and deliver training.
Business Faculty
16-009 Go-Live with Virtual Desktop Complete research and pilot of virtual desktop.
Implement Virtual Desktop.
16-010 Replace Virtual Servers college-wide Replace all virtual servers with new hardware. IT
16-011 Upgrade the NetApp Disk Storage Upgrade the college-wide NetApp disk storage unit IT
16-012 Replace college-wide switches Replace college-wide switches IT
16-013 Research Print Services RFP options Research feasibility to develop RFP for Print Managed Services IT
16-014 Develop WTCS Sharepoint Sites in collaboration with WCTC Develop WTCS Sharepoint sites for IT, Finance and Purchasing. IT
16-015 Monitor computer usage throughout the college Monitor computer usage to determine hardware lifecycle IT
16-016 Implement Email Retention Implement Email Retention Strategy IT
16-017 Implement DMI Cyber Risk Policies Develop incident Response, Encryption and Take Down Policies IT
16-018 Implement Health Program options for sharing files with external agencies Implement tools for the Health Program to share files with external agencies IT
16-019 Implement a Digital Signage application Implement college-wide digital signage application IT
Technology Inventories
Staffing Vice President of Business and Technology Services / Chief Financial Officer Steve Decker Oversight of the Technology Services Division
Sr. Director, Information Technology Jim Dahlberg Leadership of the Information Technology Unit
Technical Operations Manager Tim Maki Oversight of the college network & phones
Network/Security Administrator Tim Bablick Manage the college wide network
Instructional Technologist Keith Hasart Provide instructional technology support
WILM Student Administration Shannon Scott WILM leadership of the Student Administration systems
Webmaster Nate Fry Oversight of the college web site
Business Analyst Brenda Nunemaker
Shannon Scott
Michele Heinecke
Provide support and development of administrative applications
Network Technicians Heather Miller, Shell Lake
Aimee Nichols, Shell Lake
Pat McCullough, Ashland
Jared Lamm, New Richmond
Jim Monson, New Richmond
Jerry Secord, Rice Lake
Kathleen Stanton, Rice Lake
Steve Paplior, Superior
James Miller, Superior
Provide technology support for their assigned campuses as well as the overall college.
WILM Financial Aid Technician/Lead Tracee Bishop Provide Financial Aid technical support to WILM.
Web Technician Pam Thompson Provide support & development of the college web site