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President Meyer's Advocacy Page


Call to Action on State Budget

No. Document Name with Link
1. "The Technical College Effect" WTCS brochure (with WITC insert on last page)
2. Wisconsin's Futuremakers - The Technical College Effect Web Page


WTCS Budget Request Transmittal Letter



WTCS Budget Package Summary
   a. WTCS Wisconsin Skills Link
   b. WTCS The Pathway to Success: Adult Career Pathways
   c. WTCS Kick Start: Expand Youth Career Pathways
   d. WTCS Performance Accountability
5. WTCS Wait Lists
6. WTCS Financial Aid Request to Higher Educational Aids Board
7. WTCS 2013-2015 State Budget Proposal Talking Points

WITC District State and Federal Leaders

9. WITC 2011 Graduate Survey Executive Summary
10. WITC Five-Year Longitudinal Follow-Up
11. WITC 2011 CCSSE PowerPoint Slide of the 5 Categories
12. WITC 6th Ranking Brochure
13. Thoughts Regarding Gannett's Publication of UW-System and WTCS Salaries
14. District Boards Association Web Site

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