Military Request for Student Recruiting Information

Solomon Amendment

The Solomon Amendment is a federal law that allows military recruiters to access “student recruiting information” on students age 17 and older. "Student recruiting information" is defined as a current student's name, address, telephone number, age, level of education, current major, and degree(s) awarded.

Requesting Student Recruitment Information

  • Under the Solomon Amendment, information will be released for military recruitment purposes only. Military recruiters representing any one of the 12 eligible units within the five branches of the service may request student recruitment information once each semester or term: 

    • Army: Army, Army Reserve, Army National Guard
    • Navy: Navy, Navy Reserve
    • Marine Corps: Marine Corps, Marine Corps Reserve
    • Air Force: Air Force, Air Force Reserve, Air Force National Guard
    • Coast Guard: Coast Guard, Coast Guard Reserve (ROTC units from each branch may also request student recruiting information).
  • The request must be submitted in writing on letterhead that clearly identifies the unit of service and mailed to: Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College, Registrar’s Office, 505 Pine Ridge Drive, Shell Lake, WI 54871. There is a $50.00 processing fee charged for each campus location student recruitment information is requested. 

    Indicate the current, previous or upcoming semester and specify the data you are requesting when there is more than one option: 

    • Name (first, middle and last)
    • Address (specify local or permanent address and if you would like email address)
    • Telephone number (local or permanent)
    • Age (year of birth)
    • Major
    • Year in school
    • WITC Degree(s) awarded
    • WITC Campus location currently enrolled (specify Ashland, New Richmond, Rice Lake or Superior). There is a $50.00 processing fee for each campus specified.
  • Information will be provided for students enrolled for at least one credit during the semester and year requested. Information will not be released for students that have requested the college withhold the release of their directory information.

  • Requested information will be provided in an Excel file (compressed/self-extracting file, fixed length records) as an email attachment within 30 days of the request.


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