Construction and Cabinetmaking

Construction students building a house

Construction and Cabinetmaking

Technical Diploma

65 Credits | 2 Years

Financial Aid-Eligible

Rice Lake

Career Cluster: Architecture and Construction

Construction and Cabinetmaking has always been the back bone to economic growth in this country. This is the perfect program to get you into multiple career options within the industry to fill this ever-demanding need.  

Program Overview

The Construction and Cabinetmaking program will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary for job success in the construction industry. You will learn the fundamentals of building design, construction, layout operation, related mathematics, print reading, estimating, CNC, cabinet construction and materials of industry. You will use hand and power tools that are commonly used in construction and fabrication to assemble furniture, cabinets and build a high-end house off site. 

Program Outcomes

Construction and Cabinetmaking graduates will be able to:

  • Use hand and power tools and equipment
  • Apply industry recognized safety practices and procedures
  • Analyze sustainable building practices
  • Interpret construction drawings
  • Interpret building codes
  • Demonstrate industry building practices and material application

Implement the knowledge you have learned by spending 16 hours a week working on and building furniture, cabinets and structures, under the supervision of an experienced instructor. Mastercam (CAD/CAM), 
Softplan (CAD) and other technologies related to building energy efficiency are utilized to get you that job that you are seeking.

The frame of a house that the students of this program built

Learn by doing.

Students using a hammer while working on building a house

Utilize the latest software and technology.

Silhouette of a house frame and students working on building the house

Develop well-rounded and versatile skills. 


Construction and Cabinetmaking classes are offered in a face to face setting. This allows you to enjoy the traditional college experience with your peer students and faculty, while learning from one another. 

Student House Project

Second-year students construct a house from start to finish. As a student, you will frame exterior and interior walls, set the floor system and roof system. You will completely finish the exterior and interior of the house.

Furniture & Cabinet Making

First-year students design and construct heirloom furniture. Second-year students will design and construct the kitchen and vanities for the student house project.

Career Pathway

The Construction and Cabinetmaking two-year technical diploma includes one embedded technical diploma option. Students in various locations have the option to earn the less-than-one-year Construction Essentials technical diploma and continue your education to complete the two-year Construction and Cabinetmaking program.


Program specific subjects covered include Print Reading for Building Construction, Cabinet and Furniture Making, Drafting, CNC machining, site surveying, Construction Framing, Advanced Construction (offsite student house project), Estimating and Production Cabinetmaking

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Featured Construction and Cabinetmaking Courses

| 2 CR
This course introduces the student to the development and editing of CNC programs. The basic elements of CNC machine setup and operation are covered for the production of acceptable parts. Safety concerns are also addressed. PREREQUISITE: 32804365 Math 365.
| 4 CR
This is a lab/shop applications course that covers the operations required in building layout, and the framing of floors and walls to meet Wisconsin State Code. Competencies are learned through actual hands-on applications. COREQUISITES: 32410339 Print Reading for Building Construction, and 32804355 Math 355.
| 5 CR
This course introduces students to the subject of residential design and construction. The problems faced by builders and designers before actual construction begins are emphasized. Students complete a series of detail drawings to acquaint them with the materials used and the methods of fabrication in sketching, lettering, line weights, and use of the scale are stressed. Standard house plans are utilized to acquaint the student with the drawings used in home construction. Students are also introduced to state, federal, and local codes. PREREQUISITE: 32410339 Print Reading for Building Construction.

Construction and Cabinetmaking is Part of a Career Pathway

As a Construction and Cabinetmaking student at WITC, you can earn credentials each step of the way. 

You could take this first and get a credential.

Construction Essentials

Technical Diploma
9 Credits / 1 Year Part Time
Potential Careers
Construction Worker, Construction/ Carpenter Laborer, Carpenter Assistant, Carpentry Framer POTENTIAL STARTI
Average Starting Wage
$31,741 annually
Arrow pointing down

This is the program you’re looking at.

Construction and Cabinetmaking

Technical Diploma
65 Credits / 2 Years Full Time
Potential Careers
Carpenter (Construction), Woodworking Machine Operator, Furniture Finisher, Millperson, Machine Setup Person, Cabinetmaker, Wood Machinist, Salesperson, Estimator, Draftsperson, Material Handling Specialist
Average Starting Wage
$42,307 annually
Arrow pointing down

Construction and Cabinetmaking Bachelor's Degree

Potential Careers
Concrete Foreman, Construction Area Manager, Construction Foreman, Construction Manager, Construction Superintendent, General Contractor, Job Superintendent, Project Executive, Project Manager, Project Superintendent
Average Starting Wage
$35,090–$64,438 annually

Admissions and Tuition

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Financial Aid

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Estimated Total Program Costs*

Construction and Cabinetmaking

65 Credits | 2 Years


$10,770 In Tuition and Fees

$800 in Tools, Supplies and Uniforms

*Tuition is an estimate and does not include any miscellaneous fees for various courses, tools, books, supplies or uniforms. Program book costs are in addition to tuition and fees and vary depending on course selection and where the books are purchased or rented. 

After the WITC Construction and Cabinetmaking Program

Upon completion of the program, you will obtain a Construction and Cabinetmaking technical diploma.

Student studying at a computer

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