Farm Business and Production Management

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Farm Business and Production Management

Technical Diploma

24 Credits | 6 Years

Ashland, New Richmond, Rice Lake

Career Cluster: Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

No matter the size of the farm, there is always something new in agriculture. Students in this program will learn about new technology in the classroom and how that can be applied to their operation in the on-farm component. This program has something for everyone who is interested in production agriculture.  

Program Overview

Today’s successful farmer must keep up with changes and improvements in the farming industry to remain competitive. The Farm Business and Production Management technical diploma will give you both classroom and on-the-farm instruction. The program consists of six courses taught over a six-year period. WITC accepts new enrollments into the program each year beginning July 1. 

Program Outcomes

Farm Business and Production Management graduates will be able to:

  • Utilize agronomic resources for optimal farm production
  • Evaluate livestock management plans
  • Plan for operation and maintenance of farm facilities and equipment
  • Create farm business plans
  • Apply marketing principles to agricultural enterprises

The instructors in this program sift through the present research and bring information that can be directly applied to your farm. The classroom setting has an environment of camaraderie that encourages students to share their experiences with different management practices, seed varieties and feeding trials.  

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Practical, on-farm application. 

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A sharing environment. 

Two farmers out in a field looking at a clipboard

Flexible scheduling.  


Farm Business and Production Management classes are offered at the Ashland, Rice Lake and New Richmond campuses and online. 

On-Farm Instruction

Each student who enrolls has an allotted amount of one-on-one time with the instructor on their farm to go over practical applications on lessons learned in class. For example, in Livestock Nutrition you will learn how to measure dry matter in class. You are then able to have the instructor come out to the farm and assist you in measuring the dry matter of your own feed.

Practical & Applicable Lessons

The lessons of this program are designed to be applied directly to the production agricultural operation. The intent of each lesson is to either improve quality of life, strengthen farm profitability or streamline management. 

Experienced Instructors

Both of the instructors have backgrounds in production agriculture and have tacit knowledge to sort through university and industry recommendations with competency and awareness of day-to-day farm activities.  


The Farm Business and Production Management Program specifically covers: Soil, Crop, and Livestock management with Livestock Nutrition and Farm Records and Analysis.  

Explore the Curriculum

Featured Farm Business and Production Management Courses

| 4 CR
The Livestock Nutrition course will instruct the student in the following areas: anatomy and physiology of livestock; nutrient requirements for calves, heifers, and cows; ration balancing for calves, heifers, lactating cows, and dry cows; determine livestock feed needs; evaluate by-product feeds and feed additives; low input livestock feeding; metabolic disorders; and current issues in agriculture. Individualized instruction will be held at the student's on-the-job work location. The class also involves credit for on-the-job experience.
| 4 CR
This course will help the student learn many items involved with running a modern farm. These skills include but are not limited to record keeping, selecting proper insurance for the farm, analyzing financial performance, identifying credit needs and sources, planning for crops, and planning for the feeding of livestock.
| 4 CR
Soil Management is important to the productivity and profitability of a farmer. The farmer is a steward of the land and an environmentalist. The farmer must take care of the soil or he will not be a farmer for long! The student in this class will learn how to prepare a land use plan, collect and interpret soil samples results, develop a plan for fertilizer use on crops, develop a plan for storage and use of manure, analyze new farm issues and practices to determine future use, evaluate tillage equipment and methods, and to practice farm and environmental safety.

Admissions and Tuition

WITC has a simple admission process that can be completed in one visit. To start the process, simply fill out an application form along with a $30 application fee. After you’ve successfully submitted your application, your next step is to schedule an admissions meeting with a WITC counselor to discuss your goals and expectations. That’s it!

Tuition and Fees

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Estimated Total Program Costs*

Farm Business and Production Management

24 Credits | 6 Years


*Tuition is an estimate and does not include any miscellaneous fees for various courses, tools, books, supplies or uniforms. Program book costs are in addition to tuition and fees and vary depending on course selection and where the books are purchased or rented. 

After the WITC Farm Business and Production Management Program

Upon completion of the program, you will obtain a Farm Business and Production Management technical diploma. 

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