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WITC Farm Business and Production Management Graduate Survey Responses 2016-2017

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WITC Farm Business and Production Management Graduate Survey Responses 2016-2017

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$9,000* - $83,194*

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*Range of yearly salary based on composite from Wisconsin's 16 technical college districts (WTCS) which may or may not include WITC graduates.


Typical positions available after graduation include:

Dairy business manager and farm worker at a dairy farm

Farm Manager

Farmers Managers operate establishments that produce crops, livestock and dairy products.

A farmer milking cows

Farm Owner

Farm Owners own and operate mainly family-owned farms.The size of the farm determines which tasks farmers handle. Those who operate small farms or ranges may do all tasks, including harvesting and inspecting the land, growing crops, and raising animals. In addition, they keep records, service machinery and maintain buildings. By contrast, farmers who operate larger farms generally have employees who help with physical work. Farmers track technological improvements in animal breeding and seeds, choosing new products that might increase output. Many livestock and dairy farmers monitor and attend to the health of their herds, which may include assisting in births.

Additional opportunities include:

  • Farm/Field Crop Manager

  • Livestock Farmer

  • Breeder

  • Farm Worker

  • Dairy Laborer

  • Dairy Herdsperson

Hear From Graduates

"Participating in this program helped us develop crucial management practices that have encouraged growth and profitability in our dairy business. The program gave us insight and perspective that make managing our operation more efficient and more enjoyable. Class schedules are designed with farmers in mind and allow for convenient student participation."

Amanda Nicholson, WITC Farm Business and Production Management Graduate

The potential starting wage range is compiled from 2016 WITC or WTCS Graduate Follow-Up Report. If not available, wage data is compiled from Economic Modeling Software Intl (10th and 25th percentile earnings) and/or Wisconsin Worknet (Wage Comparison Tool) using the Standard Occupation Code(s) (SOC) the WTCS has assigned to the programs. When possible, the wage range is compiled using data from the 11 counties within the WITC district. Starting wage ranges for new programs are reviewed by the advisory team. Wage data was compiled August 2017. 


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