Lori Lyn Cypher


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(715) 394-6677 ext. 6242

600 North 21st St. Superior, WI 54880

"I have always wanted to be a teacher! I love working with students and helping them build their knowledge base from the ground up. It is neat to see how far they have come from when they first walk into my classroom to the day they graduate; to know that I helped them get there is the best feeling!


B.S., University of Wisconsin-Superior

D.Sc., Northwestern University


Lori Lyn Cypher is an instructor at WITC-Superior. Cypher's background has allowed her to develop excellent time management skills that she is able to apply directly to running an efficient classroom and keeping her classes on track each semester.  Cypher is able to organize materials in a way that is easy for students to understand. She brings a patient approach to teaching, and a focus on breaking concepts down and relating them to everyday scenarios that students will be able to visualize.

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