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715.682.4591 ext. 3855

2100 Beaser Ave. Ashland, WI 54806

"I believe that, as every teacher has a unique approach, every learner has a unique style. Just as I've enjoyed the challenge of learning, I look forward to the challenge of teaching and helping students explore their own "brand" of learning."


Cert., Colorado State University

B.S., Northern Michigan University

M.A., UW-Stevens Point


While Megan's career has been dedicated to the field of human resources, her background has consistently been characterized by her dedication to enhance organizational performance and achievement. As a former human resources manager, she is familiar with the demands businesses place on their employees, specifically, the consistent need for employees to communicate with others within the organization in a variety of ways. As communication courses are typically supporting courses within an academic degree program, it is her strong belief that with hard work, persistence and drive, WITC students stand to gain a solid foundation in communication methods, skills, etiquette and practical use. 

Megan believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to a high-quality and well-rounded education. Success in education is always possible with hard work, motivation, collaboration and fun. 

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