Hospitality Foundations Curriculum

Hospitality Foundations Curriculum

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Hospitality Foundations


Required Program Courses

| 2 CR
Hospitality Applications is an 8-week course that offers hands on learning opportunities to practice and apply hospitality tasks required to seek entry level employment. Students will be guided in applying and demonstrating positive interpersonal skills and professional customer service skills, while focusing on maintaining a safe work environment, safe food facilities and positive worker habits. Hospitality Applications enhances students’ knowledge through application of tasks and demonstration of skills through classroom learning and lab experiences.
| 1 CR
Safety and Sanitations Fundamentals is an 8-week course that helps students develop a foundation in detecting safety hazards and bring awareness to best practices to maintain safe facilities. Students will explore safe working habits targeting areas such as principles of safe lifting, proper use of cleaners and chemicals, personal hygiene and health, proper storage and handling of foods, as well as cleaning and sanitizing.
| 1 CR
Guest Relations Fundamentals is an 8-week course introducing students to the importance of working with others in a constructive and cooperative working relationship. Students will explore ways to better handle challenging customers and be provided experiences to recognize positive interpersonal skills and professional customer service.
| 1 CR
In this 1-credit internship students will apply course competencies in employment opportunities at WITC and community based placements. The course competencies include: apply essential hospitality tasks, demonstrate interpersonal skills, demonstrate customer service skills, apply safe food, facilities, and worker habits, apply constructive and cooperative working relationships with others, and apply strategies to better handle challenging customers. COREQUISITES: 30109330 Hospitality Applications, 30109331 Safety and Sanitation Fundamentals and 30109332 Guest Relations Fundamentals

Required General Studies Courses

| 1 CR
This course will work in collaboration with student internship, second 8 weeks, to address employability skills in a natural, work-based learning environment. Students will continue the development and enhancement of job seeking skills, while practicing job retention skills such as problem solving, time management, accountability, self-awareness and working relationships.  COREQUISITES: 30109330 Hospitality Applications, 30109331 Safety and Sanitation Fundamentals and 30109332 Guest Relations Fundamentals.

Total: 6 Credits


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