Machine Tool Operation-CNC

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Machine Tool Operation - CNC

Technical Diploma

35 Credits | 1 Year

Financial Aid-Eligible

Rice Lake

Career Cluster: Manufacturing

Machining is the foundation of all manufacturing. If you have never heard of machine tool or machining it is an essential part of your life. Any product you own, use or even or touch has either been machined or has been made from a die or mold that has been machined. Machining is mostly done with computer controlled equipment and is the modern replacement to manually operated machine tools used thru the 1950s and '60s. CNC machines cut material, everything from metal to plastic, to make parts, molds, for the manufacturing industry. People who become machinists are well paid and in high demand.    

Program Overview

Machine Tool Operation - CNC program is a 9-month technical diploma program designed to provide in-depth study and hands-on skills for the machine tool industry.  

Students become proficient in the set up and operation of mills and lathes, as well as manual mills, lathes, drills, and saws. Students write set sheets, build fixtures, program parts, set-up, and machine parts using the student's own processes and CNC programs. They also perform inspection to ensure quality and precision.   

Program Outcomes

Machine Tool Operation - CNC graduates will be able to:

  • Apply basic safety practices in the machine shop
  • Interpret industrial/engineering drawings
  • Apply precision measuring methods to part inspection
  • Perform basic machine tool equipment set up and operation
  • Perform programming, set up, and operation of CNC machine tools
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As a machinist, you will learn a highly skilled trade that requires precision and attention to detail. You will interpret engineering drawings, apply precision measuring methods for inspection, perform CNC programming with software.  

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WITC students are in high demand.

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Graduates get high starting salaries.

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Learn by doing. 


Machine Tool Operation - CNC is offered on the Rice Lake campus, but similar programs are offered at all four of the WITC locations.

Career Pathways

The Machine Tool Operation - CNC program offers two embedded technical diplomas in Manufacturing Production Technician 11 of the 35 credits and CNC Technician which is 20 of the 35 credits needed for the full diploma.

Experienced Instructors

As a Machine Tool Operation - CNC student at WITC, you will have access to instructors with years of machining experience in a variety of industries. 

Current Technology

Being able to program CNC equipment as well as learning programs such as Master Cam will make you an attractive employment candidate for area employers. 


Program specific subjects covered include, Machining Fundamentals and Drilling Processes, Machining – Milling Processes, Machining – Surface Grinding  Processes, CNC Turning – Basic and Advanced Operation and Programming, Print Reading for Machine Trades, Intro to CAD/CAM, CAD/CAM Application, CNC Milling – Basic & Advanced Operation and Programming.  

Explore the Curriculum

Featured Machine Tool Operation - CNC Courses

| 3 CR
This course will provide instruction and practice in the use of milling machines and various processes performed on them. Students will learn about mills, associated processes, milling machine tooling, and related safety/maintenance issues.
| 2 CR
This course includes the operation of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) mills and machining centers including calling up programs, loading and unloading parts, part inspection, and monitoring tool wear. The use of process plans, inspection sheets, and set up guides will also be covered. This course will provide an introduction to planning and writing programs for CNC mills and machining centers using standard G and M codes. Learners will set up work pieces in machines, enter programs, set tool offsets, enter work offsets, and complete part projects.
| 1 CR
This course will introduce students to computer-aided drafting (CAD) and computer-aided machining (CAM). Students will use appropriate CAD software to prepare mechanical drawings. Students will be introduced to CAD/CAM equipment.

Machine Tool Operation - CNC is Part of a Career Pathway

As a Machine Tool Operation - CNC student at WITC, you can earn credentials each step of the way. 

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This technical diploma is embedded in the Machine Tool Operation - CNC.

Manufacturing Production Technician

Technical Diploma
11 Credits / 1 Semester Part Time
Potential Careers
CNC Set-up Operator, CNC Operator
Range of Yearly Salary
$29,120-$34,632 annually
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This technical diploma is embedded in the Machine Tool Operation - CNC.

CNC Technician

Technical Diploma
20 Credits / 1 Year Part Time
Potential Careers
CNC Machine Operator, CNC Set-up Operator, CNC Operator, Machinist
Range of Yearly Salary
$32,757-$63,097 annually
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This is the program you’re looking at.

Technical Diploma
35 Credits / 1 Year
Potential Careers
Machine Tool Operator, Apprentice Machinist, CNC Machinist, CNC Programmer, Maintenance Machinist
Range of Yearly Salary
$35,357–$48,177 annually
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Estimated Total Program Costs 2020-21*

Machine Tool Operation - CNC

35 Credits | 1 Year


$2,150 for tools, supplies and uniforms

*Tuition is an estimate and does not include any miscellaneous fees for various courses, tools, books, supplies or uniforms. Program book costs are in addition to tuition and fees and vary depending on course selection and where the books are purchased or rented. 

After the WITC Machine Tool Operation - CNC Program

Upon completion of the program, you will obtain technical diplomas in Manufacturing Production Technician, CNC Technician and Machine Tool Operation - CNC. 

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