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(715) 682-4591 ext. 3179

2100 Beaser Ave., Ashland, WI 54806

"My philosophy of education places student learning above all else. My primary focus in teaching is to actively engage students in the learning process in a student-centered learning environment. Teaching is a process of enabling students to teach themselves, thus becoming active participants in their own education and being partners in the learning process. I believe that students learn best through an interactive teaching style that demands their participation and challenges their abilities by designing hands-on experiences that relate to real life problems and situations of interest."


B.A., Northland College

B.S., Northland College

M.Ed., University of Minnesota-Duluth


Cathy Pocernich is an instructor in an instructor at WITC-Ashland. 

In addition to her teaching experience, which also includes teaching a year in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Pocernich brings more than 10 years of real-world experiences into her classrooms, through her wide range of business experiences including insurance, medical, bookkeeping, secretarial and office positions. She also enjoys working with the students in the classroom, along with keeping up with new courses and the changes in technology.

Pocernich lives outside of Ashland with her husband Dennis. They both share a love of animals and have eight horses, seven cats, and a dog.

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