Tina Strehlo

New Richmond
Rice Lake

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715.246.6561 ext. 4923

1019 S Knowles Ave. New Richmond, WI 54017

"This is not only a great career that is in high demand, but it is also an amazing stepping stone into any healthcare career. I am eager to get to know each one of my students and help them on their path to a new career."


I have worked in a wide variety of settings, from a small rural clinic to a 400+ bed hospital and everything in between. My duties often included coordinating for phlebotomists, which provides students with insight of what skills are needed to be successful in the profession. 

My basic principle as an instructor is that I don't give you anything–you earn it! All of the work in the classroom is aimed at making you the best phlebotomist you can be. Because this work can be stressful, I try to keep the mood light, but I warn you not to mistake the informal demeanor to mean that the program is unchallenging. Students can have fun, but they must work hard.

I love knowing that I am preparing students to be a part of a healthcare team that knows the most important part of healthcare is the patient. 

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