Professional Credential for Infants/Toddlers (Wisconsin)

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Professional Credential for Infants/Toddlers (Wisconsin)

Technical Certificate

12 Credits | Less than 1 year

Online Program 

Education and Training


This program is currently not accepting applications. WITC's admissions advisors are available to answer your questions and add your name to a contact list for any future program updates. Contact an advisor here



Infant toddler teachers, assistant teachers, program directors, administrators and anyone who works with children under the age of three will benefit greatly from this credential program. Early care and education professionals wishing to build upon their skills in the infant/toddler setting will find this credential invaluable.   

Program Overview

As a student taking the Wisconsin Professional Credential for Infants/Toddlers, you will gain a better understanding of the developmental stages for this age group, while learning how to best guide and nurture children under the age of three in both center-based and family settings. The themes of cultural diversity/sensitivity and reflective practice are woven throughout these courses.  

Program Outcomes

Professional Credential for Infants/Toddlers graduates will be able to:

  • Apply developmental knowledge and observation to design, implement, and evaluate individual and group curriculum experiences for infants and toddlers
  • Create respectful, healthy, and safe physical and interpersonal environments for infants and toddlers
  • Utilize culturally responsive verbal and nonverbal caregiver strategies
  • Select appropriate materials and promote health, safety and nutrition guidelines specific to early care environments
  • Design experiences and utilize caregiver strategies that support family involvement and reciprocal relationships
  • Perform professionally and ethically, use self-reflection and knowledge and access relevant resources
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The Wisconsin Professional Credential for Infants/Toddlers technical certificate is offered online and is ideal if you're pursing a career in this field or enhancing your career. This certificate meets specified technical studies coursework within both the E-Connect-Child Care Services technical diploma and Early Childhood Education associate degree with seamless opportunities for completion. 

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Flexible scheduling.

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Learn by doing.

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Career pathways. 


As a graduate, you will become responsible for the care and education of infants and toddlers. You will learn to create and maintain safe and healthy play environments, guide behavior, plan and implement learning activities, and work cooperatively with staff and parents. Graduates of this certificate will be recognized as Wisconsin Registry Career Level 9 once they successfully complete the commission process. 

Experienced Instructors, Small Class Sizes

You’ll learn from knowledgeable and passionate instructors who care about your success and will ensure that you get the most out of your education. Small class sizes allow you to connect and interact with your instructors and classmates in fun and meaningful ways.

YoungStar Recognized

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T.E.A.C.H. Scholarships

T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® WISCONSIN provides higher education scholarships to professionals who work in regulated early childhood and school age care settings seeking approved credit-based education, such as the Wisconsin Professional Credential for Infants/Toddlers. 


Good teachers understand typical development from birth through age three. Knowing how the youngest children learn and develop helps professionals closely attune to individual children and their families—in all their variety. Coursework is designed for Infant toddler teachers, assistant teachers, program directors, administrators and anyone who works with children under the age of three wishing to provide a quality environment and learning activities. Graduates of this program will be recognized by The Registry, Wisconsin’s recognition system for the childhood care and education profession, as Wisconsin Registry Career Ladder-Career Level 10. 

Explore the Curriculum

Featured Professional Credential for Infants/Toddlers Courses

| 3 CR
In this 3-credit course you will study infant and toddler development as it applies to an early childhood education setting. Course competencies include: integrate strategies that support diversity, cultural responsiveness, and anti-bias perspectives; analyze development of infants and toddlers (conception to thirty-six months); correlate prenatal and postnatal conditions with development; summarize child development theories; analyze the role of heredity and the environment; examine culturally and developmentally appropriate environments for infants and toddlers, examine the role of brain development in early learning (conception through thirty-six months); examine caregiving routines as curriculum; and examine developmental and environmental assessment strategies for infants and toddlers.
| 3 CR
In this 3-credit course you will examine the role of relationships with family and community in early childhood education. Course competencies include: implement strategies that support diversity, cultural responsiveness, and anti-bias perspectives when working with families and community; analyze contemporary family patterns and trends; identify strategies to strengthen and support families; explore effective communication strategies; discover strategies for developing respectful and reciprocal relationships with families; analyze strategies to promote family engagement in early childhood education programs; explore a variety of formats for meeting with families in their contexts; advocate for children and families; and explore community resources that provide a range of services for children and families.
| 3 CR
This 3-credit course focuses on caring for infants and toddlers in a variety of settings, inclusive of center-based and family child care environments. Key course components will be based on elements of quality early care including philosophical foundation, structure and environments, health and safety responsive relationships, developmentally appropriate practice, culturally sensitive care, inclusion, brain development, assessment, and purposeful planning.

Admissions and Tuition

This program is currently not accepting applications. WITC's admissions advisors are available to answer your questions and add your name to a contact list for any future program updates. Contact an advisor here

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Professional Credential for Infants/Toddlers

12 Credits | Less than 1 year


*Tuition is an estimate and does not include any miscellaneous fees for various courses, tools, books, supplies or uniforms. Program book costs are in addition to tuition and fees and vary depending on course selection and where the books are purchased or rented. 

After the WITC Professional Credential for Infants/Toddlers Program

Upon completion of the program, you will obtain a Professional Credential for Infants/Toddlers (Wisconsin) technical certificate. 

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