Nontraditional Careers

A female student doing hands-on work in the Automation for Industrial Systems program

Explore Nontraditional Careers

Don't let stereotypes keep you from considering a career that may be right for you. At WITC, several men have gone into nursing. It’s a high-paying, constantly changing job that’s in demand across the country. Women have pursued careers in construction, welding or engine repair. They’re fast-paced and diverse jobs that let you tackle a variety of tasks.

If you’re someone who is interested in trying new things and willing to separate yourself from the herd, then a nontraditional job may be just what you’re after.


A nontraditional career is one in which 25 percent or less of women – or men – are employed in that field. For example, only 14 percent of all working women are employed in nontraditional fields, the majority of which are blue collar or technical fields that do not require a four-year college degree.


There are many reasons to consider a nontraditional career. Nontraditional fields can provide excellent salaries and benefits compared to fields that are more traditionally dominated by men or women. Base your career decisions on your own interests and skills, and then get ready to turn your passion into a new career.

Nontraditional Careers for Women

Ag, Food & Natural Resources

Female student in the Ag Power program

Architecture and Construction

Information Technology

Law, Public Safety and Security


Transportation & Distribution

A female truck driving student driving the semi truck

Nontraditional Careers for Men

Ag, Food and Natural Resources



Health Sciences

Male student works with simulation equipment in the Nursing program

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  • View More Resources

    • Occupational Outlook Handbook

      The Occupational Outlook Handbook explains what type of training and education is needed, earnings, expected job prospects, and what workers do on the job for 100’s of occupations. 

      U.S. Department of Labor

      The U.S. Department of Labor offers access to career opportunities, unemployment rates, and wages by occupation. 

      Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development

      The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development provides access to JobNet support services, labor market information and a wealth of additional information. 

      Wisconsin Health Careers

      Wisconsin Health Careers offers information about a wide variety of healthcare jobs and information about the demand of the career, what classes to take, where you can go to school in and around Wisconsin and even projected hiring for trained professionals.

      Minnesota CAREERwise

      Minnesota Careerwise offers non-traditional career resources, assessments, and national and Minnesota-specific assistance. 

      Bureau of Labor and Statistics

      The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) provides extensive labor market data on women (and other worker groups) through its news releases, publications, and website.  Users have access to data on women's employment, unemployment, and earnings by industry, occupation, education, age, marital status, and other characteristics. 

      Women in Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement

      Women in Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement offers information about women in law enforcement, the impact of women in policing, the positive outcomes of increased diversity, and expert advice on getting started and breaking the brass ceiling.

      Closing the Gender Gap

      Closing the Gender Gap is a website that offers tips and resources for women to rise in their careers. 

      The American Assembly for Men in Nursing

      The purpose of the American Assembly for Men in Nursing is to provide a framework for nurses, as a group, to meet, to discuss, and influence factors, which affect men as nurses. 



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