Advanced Standing/Dual Credit

If you are unable to access any of these documents, please contact Natalie Landgreen at or 800.243.9482 ext. 4328.

Save time and money with advanced standing and dual credit classes. 

Advanced Standing - High school students who take these classes must pass with "B" or better according to the stated guidelines in the agreement and are responsible for letting WITC know they took the classes to earn credit once they are admitted to WITC.

Dual Credit - Students who take these classes must pass with a "C" or better and will already have these classes recorded on their WITC transcript upon entering WITC.

*WITC has agreements dating back to 1999. If you need to check archived agreements from the past, contact Natalie Landgreen, ext. 4328.

View 2020-2021 Articulation Agreements

Please open the documents below for lists of courses that are available for Advanced Standing and/or Dual Credit at your high school. Contact your high school counselor to learn how you can enroll in these classes.


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