44th Annual Medallion Hunt

February 12–16, 2018

Sno-Week February 12th through the 16th, 2018. 44th Annual WITC Medallion Hunt will be in city limits on public property.

44th Annual WITC Medallion Hunt

The 44th Annual WITC Medallion Hunt begins February 12, 2018. WITC will post the clues on campus each day at 9:00 a.m and 3:00 p.m. throughout the week. Can't make it to campus? Listen for two new clues daily on Mix 108 and B105 at 9:20 a.m. and 3:20 p.m. Miss the clue? They will be posted at facebook.com/WITC.Superior or on this event page starting February 12 at 9:20 a.m.

Day 1, Clue 1 9:20

It is sno-week and WITC is going for the gold

Like the Olympics, the search for the medallion may be cold

Silver and blue is what you need to win

Let the games begin

Day 1, Clue 2 3:20

As skiers from around the Globe compete

Look towards the mountain, the hunt will soon be complete.

Day 2, Clue 1 9:20

WITC renovations were once called the crown jewel

Now more renovations are happening in the city of Superior.

We think that's pretty cool.

Day 2, Clue 2 3:20

WITC supports Douglas County, the school district,

And superior residents

You will find the medallion

In a space that represents

Day 3, Clue 1 9:20

Just like the Olympics, three metals are a-round

Keep trudging through the snow, and the medallion will soon be found

Day 3, Clue 2 3:20

Haven't found it yet? 

Don't feel inferior. 

Look over the clues, your Optics are Superior.

Day 4, Clue 1 9:20

If you sit and stare

You will be aware

Of the wonderful things

WITC students can bring

Day 4, Clue 2 3:20

Center yourself with the lights still a glow

You will find it here, way down below. 


Superior Campus

600 N. 21 St. 
Superior, WI 54880

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Contact Information

Jessica Hehir

715.394.6677 ext. 6264

Email Jessica Hehir

The medallion was found at the Superior Public Library. 

Thank you to all who participated! 

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