Rice Lake Conference Center Process and Fees

Outside view of Rice Lake Conference Center

Process & Fees

All fees will be billed by WITC following the event and checks for payment should be made payable to WITC. The room usage fee includes meeting room, selected seating arrangements, equipment and conference supplies. There will be an additional charge for consumable supplies, specialty equipment and food service. This is not a rental fee; monies collected from the service will help defray costs incurred by WITC for the Conference Center.  


Room Usage Fee Schedule per Room


Room Number

Half-Day Rate (one to four hours)

Full-Day Rate (four to eight hours)

241 $100


243 $75


245 $75






*The charge for a combination of rooms will be $325 for up to four hours and $650 for up to eight hours. Hours include meeting and other reserved hours. 



Video Conferencing

A rate of $40 per hour is charged for video conferencing services. This rate includes all equipment, the availability of a technician and the testing of the signal before the conference begins. It does not include direct on-line phone charges for the conference time, room charges or other direct costs such as food service. These will be billed to the customer in addition to the $40 per hour rate. 


The staff of WITC Conference Center can help you plan and provide you and your group food service options, depending on your group's needs. 

Catering Menu

Inside view of The Hub cafeteria at WITC-Rice Lake


Cancellation & Changes

Events cancelled within three business days of the event will be assessed 25% of the total cost estimated. Room changes during an event need to be coordinated by WITC staff and an additional charge may be assessed.

Food Service: If an order is cancelled at least 48 hours in advance, we can usually avoid any charges except for specially ordered food products or prepared foods that cannot otherwise be utilized. Cancellations within 24 hours will incur 50% cancelation fee for any food, labor and other costs already incurred.

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