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You have goals to start a new career, update your skills or learn a new hobby. WITC offers the classes you need at convenient times and locations to fit your lifestyle. 

Convenient experiences to enhance your life and career

WITC believes that education is a lifelong journey of learning and discovery. Continuing education courses are a great way to expose yourself to a variety of interesting subjects. 

  • Life and Leisure - Take fun and exciting classes to enhance your hobbies, skills and life.
  • Professional Development - Obtain or renew a certification or licensure and take other professional development classes.
  • Customized Business Training - Receive training developed for your employees and business goals.


When Northern Clearing of Ashland wanted to enhance its operating and safety procedures, it partnered with WITC for a customized solution.

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Convenient class times and locations 

Customized training for businesses and their employees

Hundreds of classes to choose from

WITC is first in training solutions for your business.

Flexible. Convenient. Customized. 

Maximize your potential with WITC's workforce education and training resources. 

Business and industry services include:

  • Customized training and services
  • Business consultations tailored to your needs
  • Professional development seminars, conferences, certifications and licensures
  • Full service conference center facilities for you team meeting, retreat or staff event
  • Specialized equipment and technology
  • Resources and partnerships
  • Flexible learning options

Customized Business Training


When Northern Clearing of Ashland wanted to enhance its operating and safety procedures, it partnered with WITC for a customized solution.

Learn from local experts

On-site training available at your business

Customized training specific to your needs


of employers say WITC is important to the overall success of their business


Woman works on finance on a computer in a standard business classroom

Professional Development

Develop or advance your skills to support your professional goals. Classes in business, health, human services, safety, trades and industry are available in a range of skill levels. 


Middle-aged man in glasses works on a computer with two screens in a business classroom.

Professional Development Classes

Many careers in today's workforce require short-term training. WITC offers a variety of specialized training so you can obtain or renew your certification or licensure. 


Woman gets her airway cleared by a paramedic

Public Safety & Emergency Services

WITC offers a full range of specialized training in emergency medical services, fire services and law enforcement. These courses and in-services will let you focus on a specific set of skills required to enhance your ability to do you job. 


Orange cone sitting on tar

Driver Training

WITC is dedicated to improving the safety on Wisconsin's roadways. Whether you're a new driver, motorcycle enthusiast or wishing to examine your driving behavior, WITC is certified by the Department of Transportation to provide traffic safety programs. 


The back of a woman's head while she faces a crowd and a presenter in a dimly lit conference center at an event

Conferences and Events

Attend training, seminars or workshops of all various types.



Featured Professional Development Classes


On-the-floor coaching techniques to enhance performance in the workplace. Participants will learn how to assess, coach and communicate.

Woman roles out a blue yoga mat

Life & Leisure

Life & Leisure classes promote lifelong learning for personal enrichment. You'll discover a variety of classes in art, computers & technology, DIY, healthy living, home & leisure, safety & EMS and lifelong learning. 


several paint brushes laying on a canvas with brightly colored paint, a modern abstract

Life & Leisure Classes

Discover new hobbies and pursue a topic you've always wanted to explore. Find classes in art, cooking, health and more. 

Featured Life & Leisure Classes


This course brings out each persons ability to draw by very unique methods. Participants who believed they could never be artists will be inspired. This course will challenge anyone interested in understanding why they are good at art.

Taking a class at WITC has never been easier. Search for a continuing education class that aligns with your interest, schedule and budget. 

Man grinds a pipe end as part of a customized training class in a WITC classroom

Customized Business Training and Consulting

Get customized solutions designed for you and your business. WITC will work with you to develop a training plan that meets your needs. Whether you need onsite training, online courses or WITC's facilities, WITC will help you promote success internally and improve your bottom line. 

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Are you ready to experience success? WITC staff are standing by to support you in reaching your educational and career goals, so do it. Take the leap.