Twin Ports Regional Caregiver Conference - CANCELLED

Twin Ports Regional Caregiver Conference

Theme: Protecting Dignity at End of Life


May 14, 2020

Thursday, 8:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Location: WITC-Superior


Catalog number: 47-520-405

Class Number: 24413

About the seminar: Join us for an interactive and educational day for family caregivers and professionals. Sessions include:

  • Keynote: Char Johnson
    • Session description coming soon!
    • Objectives
      • Coming soon!
  • Why Hospice? A Personal Story, Andrew Mayo, M.D., St. Croix Hospice
    • What is hospice and how can it impact a patient and their family? Improve your awareness of hospice, including a historical perspectives, what it takes to qualify and more.
      • Objectives:
        • Gain a deeper understanding of hospice eligibility
        • Understand and dispel myths about hospice
        • Understand the benefit of hospice for patients and family
  • The Courage to Engage in Conversations About Spirituality, Rev. Carolyn Mowchan, Westminster Presbyterian Church
    • It is an important life task for seniors to reflect on their lives and find meaning, peace, and a benevolent acceptance of imperfection. Without some tools, caregivers are often shy about treading on Holy Ground. With or without a Christian framework, looking for the tracks of a “Higher Power” often gives people peace and hope to face death. Aging is a time of loss and change, and it is easy for the elderly to feel abandoned by God. They need help to see through a new “lens”. Caregivers need a few tools to facilitate with confidence.
    • Objectives:
      • Learn how to ask the right questions and engage in listening as a form of caring
      • Discover how to recognize a person’s spiritual framework and assumptions about God’s nature
      • Explore ways to reframe the experience of suffering, pain and loss and to see God’s gracious presence through it
  • Panel Discussion, Terri Ach, University of Minnesota-Duluth and Jeff Cushman, Downs Funeral Home
    • Pre-planning funeral arrangements can help ensure that one’s wishes are carried out after death. During this panel discussion, you will learn from local professionals about what to consider when making  arrangements and options available in this area
      • A Most Generous Gift (Terri Ach)
        When you donate your body to science, the benefits are far-reaching. Not only is it important in training the next generation of healthcare professionals, but it supports research in surgical techniques and device development. Your gift also helps students grow in skills related to patient care, empathy, compassion and respect, all characteristics we want in our caregivers.
      • Objectives
        • Find out more about whole body donation (including the Anatomy Bequest Program at the University of Minnesota) as an option for end of life wishes
        • Learn how whole-body donation benefits students
      • Pre-planning a Funeral (Jeff Cushman)
        Explore the ins and outs of funeral pre-planning, including funeral choices, pre-funding funeral costs, life insurances policies and meeting the requirement for Wisconsin Medical Assistance. Learn addressing all of these can help unburden family members with financial decisions at time of death.
      • Objectives
        • Gain an overview of funeral pre-planning and costs
        • Explore options for funding funeral costs, including Wisconsin Medical Assistance eligibility
  • SomaYoga for Caregivers, Ann Maxwell, Yoga North Duluth
    • When we are under stress our body tends to move into three different stress responses. The focus of this class is to help the caregiver understand these three stress reflexes and how the nervous system is affected by them. The caregiver will experience a SomaYoga chair sequence that can be taken home for daily practice to reduce stress and increase calm.
    • Objectives:
      • Begin to understand 3 reflexes that occur in our bodies when we experience stress and learn simple techniques to release these stress responses
      • Experience a gentle chair yoga set that can be done daily for self-care
      • Learn breathing and mindfulness practices to focus and calm the mind

Additional information: Light breakfast and lunch included. 6 CEUs available.


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Class fee: $35

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