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The Broadband Academy is offered fully online at a time and place most convenient for you and your employees. Whether entry-level or senior personnel, this two-level training program will provide professional development and cross training for employees with the most up-to-date technical content.

  • Instructor led training with flexible, online courses to eliminate travel time and reduce expenses
  • Improves retention of valuable employees

The Academy is developed into two levels. Students of the Academy can opt to complete levels 1 or 2  allowing them to build and advance their career. The Broadband Academy’s “a la carte” option also adds to the program’s flexibility.

See the helpful links for additional information about all credit courses and technical diploma options within the broadband area.


Broadband Academy FAQs

  • Q: Are there options for financial aid and scholarships? 
    • A: The state has determined that short term diplomas are NOT financial aid eligible, however, WSTA (Wisconsin State Telecommunications Association) and other local telecoms offer scholarships and grants. You must apply and meet the requirements for these scholarships. 
  • Q: Can I find financial assistance through my local job center? 
    • A: You might qualify but you will need to work with them before registering for the classes at WITC. Please contact your local job center.
  • Q: Can I transfer credits in from previous college classes I have completed? 
    • A: Yes.  The most common class that transfers in is a college level, semester credit, English class. This class may meet the requirements of the Applied Communications class.  Official transcripts will need to be sent to WITC. Contact Student Services for assistance. 
  • Q: What is the cost for these classes and the required books? 
    • A: With the cost of credits and additional fees the cost is approximately:
      1 credit class: $175.80
      2 credit class: $323.60
      3 credit class: $527.40

      For books: No textbooks are required for level 1 classes. For level 2 classes, $130 covers all 5 classes.
  • Q: Are there any textbooks for the Cisco classes and IT Essentials and Security? 
    • A: No. You will be working entirely online and perform virtual lab exercises. 
  • Q: What is the extra charge for Network 201? 
    • A: You will be required to purchase TestOut Netpro software for $136.
  • Q: Can I take the classes at my own pace? 
    • A: Classes are open 24 hours a day/7 days a week. You can work on the classes at the times that best fit your schedule. However, you are required to submit assignments on or before the due date. 
  • Q: What is the focus of the level 1 and 2 classes? 
    • A: The focuses are as follows:
      • Level 1: The focus is for customer service representatives to gain the knowledge to speak with customers and technicians to the technical side of broadband telecommunications. These courses can help customer service representatives act as a helpdesk for the customer.
      • Level 2: The focus is to help train workers as telecommunications installers and technicians.
  • Q: How will the hands-on portion of the level 2 classes be assessed? 
    • A: The hands-on assessment will take place at WITC-Rice Lake or a local telecommunications company. If you are unable to attend the Rice Lake campus for the 4 hour hands-on portion of the class, WITC is prepared to send out a kit of tools for you to practice with and video your performance for evaluation.

Helpful Links

Spring 2021 Schedule

WITC Broadband Customer Service Specialist
Offered online as part of the Broadband Academy (Level 1)

WITC Broadband Installer
Offered online as part of the Broadband Academy (Level 2)

WSTF Grant
The Wisconsin State Telecommunications Foundation (WSTF) has designated four grants of $250 each for students in the Broadband Academy program.

Mosaic Scholarship
Scholarship Application

Wisconsin State Telecommunications (WSTA)
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Broadband Academy Levels and Courses

Broadband Customer Service Specialist (Broadband Services Level 1)

8 weeks

Broadband Telco Service 101 1 credit
Broadband Television Service 101 1 credit
Broadband Fiber Service 101 1 credit
Broadband Internet Services 101 1 credit
Applied Communications 1 2 credit
Total credits: 6 credits
Download Level 1 Course Descriptions  

Broadband Installer (Broadband Services Level 2)

16 weeks

Broadband Fiber Service 201 3 credits
Broadband Cable Installation 201 3 credits
IT Essentials and Security 2 credits
Broadband Termination and Testing 201 3 credits
Broadband Network 201 3 credits
Total credits: 14 credits
Download Level 2 Course Descriptions  


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