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We offer both insurance prelicensing and continuing education insurance courses through WITC Continuing Education. Once you have received your license in any of the lines of insurance, you may take courses towards your continuing education credits. We are an approved State of Wisconsin Insurance Continuing Education provider.

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All insurance prelicensing and continuing education courses are currently offered in person at the WITC-New Richmond campus and via Interactive Television (ITV) to the Rice Lake, Superior, Ashland, and Hayward campuses. The location of the instructor is subject to change. Please note that prelicensing and continuing education courses are not approved for the State of Minnesota. If you have questions about insurance course registration, please contact Sara at 800.243.9482, extension 6212 at least one week prior to the course start date.


This course is designed to meet the Section A, eight-hour, pre-licensing and continuing education requirement. This includes the areas of the principles of insurance, general Wisconsin insurance laws and ethics.

Prelicensing Education Requirements 

The Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance requires applicants in the major lines of Property, Casualty, Life or Accident and Health insurance to complete prelicensing education. Therefore, anyone signing up for a license exam date must have already completed the education requirement.

Those candidates applying for an exam in the limited lines of Auto, Title and Credit Life/Credit Accident and Health, and those who have completed a two-year Wisconsin Technical College degree in insurance, or a four-year college degree in business with an insurance emphasis are exempt from the prelicensing education requirement.

The course content provided by approved schools includes eight hours of study of the Principles of Insurance, General Wisconsin Insurance Laws and Ethics. Once these eight hours are completed, it need not be repeated for each line. Twelve hours regarding Policies, Terms and Concepts, and line-specific insurance law must be completed for each major line. Therefore, a candidate applying for all four major lines would be required to complete a total of 56 hours of education prior to testing.

Continuing Education Requirements 

Each resident intermediary (agent) licensed in any of the major lines shall biennially complete 24 credit hours of continuing education approved by the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI), a minimum of 3 of the 24 credit hours must cover ethics in insurance.

Insurance FAQ's

  • How do I find out more about your Insurance classes?

    • Call 800.243.9482, extension 6212

  • How much do the classes cost?

    • Principles Laws and Ethics, which is required – $79

      Accident and Health - $95 

      Life - $95

      Property - $95

      Casualty - $95

  • What should I know before scheduling my exam?

    • You must provide a Course Completion Certificate and a valid WI driver’s license.

    • You are required to submit your fingerprints. This should be done before taking the test. This can be done online on Fieldprint at The cost is $39.25.

    • You can take the exam at any Prometric test center in the US.

    • You can schedule your exam online at by fax or mail – contact information and the form will be included in your handbook during class, or by phone at 866-370-3411.

  • I am a non-resident licensee of Wisconsin. How does this affect me?

    • All state currently have continuing education requirements in place. Wisconsin receives license compliance date electronically; therefore, nonresidents are not required to supply OCI with evidence of completion of continuing education in their home state.

  • What if I am not from Wisconsin, and I want to get my license?

    • Students must be a resident of Wisconsin and present valid government-issued identification before taking their exam.  

      Minnesota residents cannot get CE credits since we are only approved for Wisconsin. They can only if they have a dual license that includes WI. 

  • What if I let my license lapse?

    • If it’s been less than 12 months since it expired you are not required to take Pre-Licensing courses and the exam over. You will have to only if you are adding a new line of authority. The reinstatement fee is $70.

    • If it’s been over 12 months you will need to complete the pre-licensing education and exam again. You will also need to resubmit your fingerprints.

  • How are the classes offered? Where is the instructor located?

    • Insurance classes are taught via ITV (interactive television) at all WITC campus locations. The location of the instructor is subject to change.

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