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Continuing Education Online & Virtual 

For your convenience, WITC Continuing Education offers a wide variety of online and virtual classes. Some classes are offered directly through WITC, while others are available through our partnering educational vendors.

Online Classes: Terminology

Our virtual classes fall into one of the following categories:

Online courses are offered via the Internet and accessed by using a web browser. You can access the course at any time. Offline supervised tests/exams at specified sites may be conducted in conjunction with these courses. 

Webinars are courses offered during a specific time period that can be accessed from your home computer using a free BlueJeans software download. Your computer must have a reliable internet connection, microphone and camera. You can interact with the teacher during the class.

ITV (Interactive Television) courses involve real-time live video/audio instruction via broadcast technology that includes students at one or more WITC campuses. The classes are offered during a specified time and students attend at their nearest WITC campus. The class may be composed of students at the same site as the instructor and students at one or more remote sites.

Featured Classes

Online classes provide flexibility and saves time and travel expense. If you have access to a computer with high speed internet, are self-motivated and work well independently, online classes may be a good fit for you.


Classes will offer a variety of topics relating to Microsoft programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook and others). Coursework may range from beginning to more advanced skills; minimum computer skills are required to enroll in any Microsoft class and specific prerequisites will be listed for more advanced programming.


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Partnering Educational Vendors

WITC partners with the following organizations to offer a wide variety of online opportunities. 

Please note: You are taking these continuing education courses through other organizations who are highly regarded leaders in educational services. These are not WITC classes, so will not be included on your 1098T or on a WITC transcript. If you go to active duty, WITC is not responsible for remission of tuition for classes taken through these organizations.

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