PSTC Dispatch Training

PSTC Dispatch Training

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8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Catalog number: 47-504-449
Class number: TBD

Course Description:

Public Safety Dispatch Consultants will deliver their 8-hour seminar titled Complacency, Cannibalism and Critical Thinking

From PSTC website: We want to affirm the great work of your hard-working 9-1-1 staff members, inspire the "average" staffer, and bring the "oh no, that's me" realization to the “Type A Tiger” that is slowly killing workplace morale within your team. Our instructors will put the emphasis on self-evaluation and reflection on your attitude, behavior and performance by providing new ideas, skills and tools to use within the 9-1-1 profession and how those tools will make you better with both routine and emergency events or calls.

Here are a few topics we will cover in this class:

  • Effective decision making thought processes
  • Empowerment
  • Personal accountability and ethical standards
  • The vital role of mission statements and core values
  • Individual and agency duty
  • How you can be an official or unofficial role model in the workplace
  • How to utilize our 10 proficiency tools for better performance

We will also facilitate a great discussion of what professionalism and pride are and how each individual has the "Power of One". This class is currently the #1 class at PSTC with overwhelmingly positive results and reviews. Send us your new or tenured employee, your problems "lying in wait" or any staffer that is ready for a great class to remind them how essential their attitude is to team action, performance, quality and their off-duty lives.

8 hours T&S credit.

Class size:
Minimum 20 and class size will be limited to first 40 registered.

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WITC-Rice Lake

Conference Center
1900 College Drive
Rice Lake, WI  54868

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Contact Information

Jennifer Ruid

800.243.9482, ext. 5488

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Course Fee: $125

  • Email Jennifer Ruid with questions regarding the training.
  • New online registration option coming soon!



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